Saturday, December 31, 2005


On behalf of everyone here at Online Storm, (who most of them, at this moment, are probably maggotted off their faces, and good on them!!) I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and safe New Year. I hope 2006 will bring everything you wish for. Let's all make it one to remember!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

My Movie Review: The Chronicles Of Narnia - The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

Plot synopsis: Siblings Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie are sent to live with an elderly professor during the WWII raids. While exploring his expansive old home, Lucy discovers that she can enter an old wardrobe closet that takes her to a land called Narnia. She meets a faun named Mr Tumnus and from there, the adventure begins. It’s not long before her brothers and sister become aware of this wonderful land. Not only is it inhabited by strange and fantastical creatures and people, but it’s also frozen over by a winter that never stops, a spell cast by evil, yet enchanting, witch/queen. The children join the regal lion, Aslan, to help defeat the witch, break her spell and free the residents of Narnia.

Mmm yeah mm yeah well...I really don't know what to say about this movie. I was so looking forward to seeing it, the previews looked brilliant. And I'd heard so much about it. I came out of the cinema quite disappointed. It was okay, I guess. I suppose I expected more. All the reviews I'd heard about it compared it to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Yeah right. It might have been filmed in New Zealand, same as LOTR, but sheesh, no WAY did it compare.

Tilda Swinson as the queen stole the show, in my opinion. The kids were ok, the beavers were funny, and I did enjoy the fight scenes. The animals in it were good. But really, I couldn't find one scene that really captured my interest. I must admit though, I thought they did a great job getting Liam Neeson to voice Aslan (the lion).

Anyway, in conclusion, bring your kids to see it. Or steal someone's kids and take them. It really is a kid's movie. I'll watch it again, no doubt, and maybe I'll enjoy it more the second time round. Sometimes that happens. Maybe I'll find something more out of it. If you go and see it, post a reply with your opinions.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Merry Christmas
From Hot Springs Arkansas USA
I know this isn't my home but I got family here that I love to visit every christmas :). It was great to see the faces of my neices and nephew as they opened all there gifts but about the night of Christmas Day I got hit with the Stomach flu : Hopefully It will be over before Friday when I spend New Years eve with My baby :)
Hope everyone else had a better christmas day then I had


Christmas is over. I love Christmas, don't get me wrong. But it just seems so peaceful when it is over. This is the day after Christmas and the Christmas tree is out by the side of the road and the house is back to normal. Except for the fact that I still have to find some where to put all of Jade's toys. She got so much stuff. : I am very thankful that none of her toys are loud. She is just so happy. Christmas was great for myself and my family. I even got to see family members that I hadn't seen in years. Nothing bad happened and there were no arguments. :D But, now it is over, and I don't have to stress over presents and trying to take Jade to every little Christmas thing. I can finally relax.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas from warm, sunny Florida!!

I know we have all been through so much stuff this year, good and bad, but we have made it through.

My dearest Jen, Thank you so much for being there when I needed someone to listen to me. You are such a wonderful friend, and with out you there I would of lost my mind. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Love you, My Love!!

Sweet Luna, I know you have been through so much this year but through it all you have held your head high and remained so sweet. You have my upmost respect. Thank you for all the advise you have given me this year. You never sugar coat anything, you just tell it the way it is. For that I love you. I hope you have a great Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Danny, even though you are the meanest person I know, I am very happy that we are friends. You make me laugh when I am down and for that I am so very thankful. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

To everyone else, I hope all your Christmas wishes come true. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas from Scotland!

I was just going to leave a comment to Lune but I decided that this would be better.

Luna, I hope you've had a wonderful day! I know it's a hard time this year for you but keep your chin up and always smile. You know she would want you too. Thank you for listening to me babble on about stuff and for putting up with my rants. Very Merry Christmas and an even Happier New Year! Love ya, sweetie!

Michele, thank you also for listening to me rant about stuff. I hope you and Jade have a wonderful day and I hope Santa is good to Jade =) Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Love you too My Love!!

Daniel, as much as it pains me to say this to someone overflowing with meanieness (:p) I hope you also have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! If you stop being mean to me and talking about spiders, then I'll say love to you too lol

To everyone else. Thank you for coming and reading our blog. Hope you have a great time. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from me!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas, Everybody!

Just like to wish one and all a very Merry Christmas! Especially to Jen, who's done so much for me this year. I don't know how I could have gone thru what I've gone thru without her help. Much love!!!!!
To Michele, who's always had a cheerful outlook, I feel honoured to be a friend. The best to you and your family hunni. :)
To all my other friends, I hope you all have a great holiday season, take care and dont overindulge!!
To all visitors, Best wishes for you and all your family and friends. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Gay weddings

The first offical same sex weddings took place in Scotland. After decades of campaigning to have equal rights as heterosexual couples, it's now legal in the UK and same sex couples will benefit from a major change in next of kin status and inheritance tax and pension rights. Although some people are still against the idea, and some regions are refusing to offer ceremonies on moral grounds.

The first same sex couple to marry in Scotland were married in Edinburgh, and the second couple were married in my home town Aberdeen. Male homosexuality was a crime in Scotland until it was decriminalised in 1981. I've always said that I have no problems at all with gay couples. No matter what sexuality they are, everyone is still equal in my eyes. They still love in the same way hetero people do and they still hurt the same too. Why shouldnt they be allowed to marry someone that they love? I've had many gay friends and, to be honest, I've enjoyed their company more than heterosexual people. Not because I'm in anyway gay but because they arent as small minded as some people I've had the displeasure in meeting throughout my life. I say goodluck to them and to anyone else thinking of getting married to a partner that they love!

hogmanay/new years eve

Hogmanay is what us Scots call New Years Eve, and this year I'm heading into Aberdeen City Center (my home town) for a hogmanay street party! One thing I can't wait for, other than drinking myself into a coma, is The Proclaimers!! I'm sure just about everyone has heard of them and they're finally playing a hogmanay gig in Aberdeen. It'll probably be a really good night!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

book review

This is the sequel to Black Notice. Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta continues her life-long, self-imposed quest to make right what is wrong, but this time she is forced not only to defend those who have been victimized but also herself. Against a system that has turned on her, long-time enemies, ghosts from her past, and her own carefully guarded emotions Dr. Scarpetta must find the proof that will send a killer to jail and prove herself innocent in the process.

This book belonged to my mum and she was always talking highly of Patricia Cornwell and this made my mind up that I would read at least one novel of hers. There is a whole series of Kay Scarpetta stories and I think this is the 10th. With not having read the first few books, I thought I would get lost in the plot and wouldnt understand the story. I was wrong. Throughout the book, everything about Kay Scarpetta's background is explained to you. Her past relationships and hardships and even though I thought it was somewhat slow to start with, I really enjoyed reading it.

Post mortem's have always interested me and, although it's not descibed in great detail, this book takes you into her life and the post mortem's she has to struggle to do. As I said before, it did seem a little slow to start with but I highly suggest that others read this. It is an eventful story and if you're anything like me, it'll interest you to read more about Kay Scarpetta and her life as a medical examiner in Richmond, Virginia. I give this book a rating of 8/10

you will need media flash player to view the Patricia Cornwell site

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Am I the only one who gets annoyed at little noises that other people make? Please tell me I'm not alone in this!

It started last week with my gran. She has a habit of talking with her mouth full and she always seems to take a bite of whatever food she's cooked us and then starts talking. Putting the food at the side of her mouth like same little animal and then there's the slapping noise she makes while eating! It's never really bothered me before but with christmas looming near us, I've been getting in lots of bad moods. I hate christmas, you see...So when I'm in a mood, things tend to annoy me more. Like someone reading something over my shoulder or reading my newspaper before me and even someone who decides to start MY news of the world crossword.

This weekend, I was out at my friend's house and then I spent 2 days with my mum. She had one of her best friend's (with bf in tow) staying for the weekend and she can be very annoying. This morning, I had to wake up to go down to the local shop/store to buy breakfast, dispite my mum's friend saying SHE would go down. So, I was pissed off at the lack of sleep. Also annoyed from the night before and the mere fact that this friend put a huge gas can right at the side of the kitchen door, where I couldnt see it while walking into the kitchen with bags full of shopping. So, I have a huge bruise on my knee, a sore ankle from slipping on ice and a pain in my wrist that wont go away.

ANYWAY, I come back from the shop/store and my mum asks me to cook the bacon I've just bought. I do this, while reading a newspaper and her friend starts reading, over my shoulder, what I'm reading. Then she stands next to me waiting for the bacon to be ready and keeps sighing at me. Steam is just about ready to come out of my ears. She starts to butter the bread when I throw an annoying look her way and takes what is already cooked and starts making the sandwiches. I look out the sauce for everyone and pick up the NOTW magazine so that I can start my crossword but I put it down on the table and what does she do? She STARTS MY crossword. I know it's just a crossword but it's MINE. My mum spots my look of disgust and takes it away when she's turned away.

With all the bacon cooked, I add sauce to my sandwich and go to sit at the table. Her and her bf have taken up the rest of the room at the table. So what did I have to do? I had to sit on the floor! I took a stool over beside me so that I could rest my crossword and hot chocolate on it and went to sit on the floor. Then what happens? The puppy spies my sandwich and snatches it from my hand as I'm sitting down. I only wanted one sandwich, while they all had two, so there was no more bacon for me to make something to eat. What annoyed me even more than the puppy now enjoying my breakfast, was the fact that the friend LAUGHED at what happened. I was cursing her in my head and went back to my crossword. Then she did the worst thing ever. She said "These bacon sandwiches are really nice. Shame you missed out on it, Jenni" I sat for 2-3 more minutes, getting more annoyed at the sounds she was making while eating said fucking bacon sandwiches, then threw my crossword on the floor (along with the pen) got up and said "I'm glad you fucking like them. Fucking choke on them, you whore" and stormed upstairs to the bedroom.

After they left (30 minutes later), I ventured downstairs and said sorry to my mum for being such a bitch and she told me that I had every right to get pissed at what she said to me. I wouldnt have got so annoyed if I wasnt already pissed off with her ass. I would have just sat and not said a word, finished my crossword and probably went out to tend to our horse, Brogan but no. She had annoyed me so much in the short space of time I stayed with her.

She's coming back out at New Year. I'm going to be drunk..Can you imagine what's gonna happen?!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Shame on you, Mattel!

Got this news article sent to me in an email. Literally choked on my drink reading it! What in the world were they thinking???

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

New desktop

After 2 hours of searching the world wide web and using random words from people in chat, I finally settled on a new desktop. I lost my last one after wrongly clicking on an Orlando Bloom pic. (I liked my last one)

Anyway, Chef will do me just fine till I find another pic to use.

Monday, December 12, 2005

More funny christmas pics

Thanks to Beth for this! =)

How I see christmas

Someone sent this to me via email.

Sums up what I think about christmas at this moment!

Everyone should read this special christmas page. Made by Spyder. It's a page on how to enjoy christmas!
You can read it here. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Isn't it just typical??...

I spent the whole day today decorating the house for Christmas. I virtually took everything in the lounge room apart, to hang decorations. Everything looks great! Although the lounge room looks like a bomb's hit it. So I thought, tonight I'll decorate the tree and clean up the place. I went to assemble the tree, and half the branches have snapped off! The tree isn't that old either! I am sooooo pissed off! Now I'm going to have to go shopping tomorrow for another tree, which I can't really afford. Argh! Now I'll have to spend tomorrow decorating the tree, and I was going to have a lazy day before I start really getting the house ready for Christmas!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Are we hotornot?!

I would like to ask everyone who visits here to do me a huge favour. This blog is registered on blog hotornot and 10 people so far have voted our blog. I'd like to ask if all who visit here can click the blog hotornot button and take just 2 seconds to vote for us.

You can find the button on the left hand side (I did try adding it to this post but for some reason, I couldnt get it working)

It doesnt take long at all. Really, it's just 2 seconds. The link opens a small window at the top of the blog and you vote on there.

I'm begging all to vote for us. I know the blog design isnt fancy. I'm just learning how to do all this, so I would be ever so greatful if all visitors could help us out. Thanks

What the hell???...

Me and Dad went to do a bit of grocery shopping today. At our local shopping centre, there's a part near the bank which is built up. For safety reasons, where the end of this built up area is, there is a kind of steel gate barrier, to stop people from falling off, I guess. If it wasn't there, people would fall right into the path of oncoming cars. Or do themselves an injury, because its a bit of a fall to the road there. Anyway, Dad was driving through the carpark, I was in the passenger seat. You have to drive slowly past this spot, as it's on a curve. As we were passing the gate thing, I couldn't believe what I saw. A little girl, no more than 5, was swinging from this gate. Because we were driving slow, she waved at us. I called out, WHERE'S YOUR MOTHER? I told Dad to stop the car around the corner, and I got out. I looked around for the mother, no one in sight. I waited, couple of minutes, and the mother came out of the bank. I said to her, "Is this your daughter?" She replied yes. So I turned around and said to her, "Do you realise your daughter was swinging off the gate, and could have fallen down into the carpark and got run over?" It was like she couldn't care less. She said she was only in the bank for a minute. I said I don't care, you should be ashamed of yourself, anything could have happened to her. I was so mad, I didn't wait around for her reply. I got straight back in the car and told Dad to go home.
What is it with parents these days? Do they have NO concern for the wellbeing of their children? That child was alone, she could have been taken by a paedophile, been thrown off innocently by someone passing and not seeing her, anything! I'm just gobsmacked by this.

Happy families?

About 10 years ago, my mother decided that she didnt want to be in her relationship with my father. She left to be with a guy that I know beat her but whom she claimed she loved. 5 years later, my father died of cancer (I'm painting a picture here before I carry on)...

These past 10 years I've looked at my friend's and their families, and often wondered what happened to mine. Why it had all gone wrong, and why it felt like it was punishment for a wrong doing of ours. I had not long turned 18 and to be honest, I was not that wise to the world around me. So I'm not surprised that I blamed it all on a higher being. I now realise that my mother just wasnt happy. She still loved my father and still does but she was young when they married, and he was the only guy she had ever dated. After a year of not talking with my mother, I took a big swallow of pride and patched things up as best I could (I still think she hasnt forgiven me for hitting her the night she left). My father tried everything he could to get her back but when she finally did, she only lasted a week. In my father's last days in this world, she found peace with him. He couldnt talk very much but you could tell that he had forgiven all. The one person who couldnt forgive, and still hasnt, is my grandma (my mother's mum)

Where am I going with this?.... These past few days, I've spent a lot of time with my grandma. While christmas shopping with her, I borrowed her mobile to call my mother. These numbers have stored in my gran's phone, so it was only a matter of time before she made the mistake of thinking that the number belonged to a friend of hers. She's called my mother on 3 separate occasions and who's been to blame? ME of course. I'm 27 now and I feel like I'm a teenager on the verge of being grounded at home. I've been through a lot of shit in the past 10 years and I'm still not on the right road to being 'normal'. My gran cant see why I talk with my mother. The reason is that when I hit rock bottom, when I ended up in court on a GBH charge, when I was admitted to hospital, when I really felt so fucking low in my life, the only two people there for me were my friend Michelle and my mother. Even when she threw me out of my father's house, even when I stole money from her adding up to over £500, she still couldnt cut the strings. She didnt turn her back on me.

It really pisses me off that after everything, my gran still gives me hassle for talking to my mother. I sit and wish for that perfect family. A family with a limited amount of hassle. I would settle for just a brother who wasnt a prick (like my two step brothers) Maybe if my little brother had not have died, I wouldnt worry so much. I would at least have someone in the family to turn to. My family has never been that big. I only have one blood cousin, who has taken it upon herself to cut me from her life. Wishing for that perfect family is so fucking stupid because I know that no family is perfect. I know there are always going to be family problems. If anyone says they have that perfect family, I swear, they are bullshitting themselves! Even knowing all this, I still do wish for a family better than mine. I just needed to rant. Today just really hacked me off and I felt I had to do this. For the sake of my own sanity.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Christmas Board

You did a wonderful job, Jen. The falling snowflakes add just the right touch. :D

Monday, December 05, 2005

polar bears

I have a love for Polar Bears and the picture here just makes me love them more! How cute is that polar bear??????

I'm just a simple person at heart. While in Florida, I spent 2 hours just watching the polar bears at Sea World. Then ended up getting my dad to buy me a polar bear snowglobe. Good times =(

Pissed off.

Ok, so there is this guy in my life. I have waited on him for months because he needed some time to handle and get over a few things in his life. I think 8 months is more than long enough to wait on someone. So, I decide to move on and he gets pissed off and won't talk to me. I really care for this guy but he won't make a decision as to what he wants and he tells me that I shouldn't push him. IT HAS BEEN 8 FUCKING MONTHS. I would like to be able to move on with my life. Anyways, I feel he has been selfish in doing this, and I am extremely pissed. I just needed to vent so you don't have to respond to this.


Don't worry, Guys. Your clocks aint gone missing. They're just at the bottom of the blog so that I have more room to work on a Christmas theme. It wont be over the top, so don't worry about that neither. I just needed more room to work with and the clocks took up space at the top. I'll move them back after Christmas and New Years.

I just hope I can get things the way I picture them!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

My Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire

Plot outline: Harry's fourth summer and the following year at Hogwarts are marked by the Quidditch World Cup and the Triwizard Tournament, in which student representatives from three different wizarding schools compete in a series of increasingly challenging contests. However, Voldemort's Death Eaters are gaining strength and even creating the Dark Mark giving evidence that the Dark Lord is ready to rise again. In the unsuspecting lives of the young wizard and witches at Hogwarts the competitors are selected by the goblet of fire, which this year makes a very surprising announcement: Hogwarts will have two representatives in the tournament, including Harry Potter! Will Harry be able to rise to the challenge for the Tri Wizard Tournament while keeping up with school or will the challenges along with Voldemort's rebirth be too much for the young hero?

I hated the last Harry Potter film. I thought it was incredibly boring. So, I was prepared for this one to be the same. But WOW, did I enjoy it! Daniel Radcliffe has really grown up! I like the way they've aged his character, not having read the books but I believe Harry is basically the same age throughout. (Correct me if I'm wrong) In this one, Harry certainly isn't naive as before. He takes on every situation not showing his fear as before. Ron and Hermione = unresolved sexual tension?? It seems that way, but verrrry subtle. Kids wouldn't get it, but adults do. And Ron's brothers, Fred and George, are absolutely hilarious. Actually, I found the whole film was incredibly funny! Although there is still the element of dark magic in the film, so I think the movie is unsuitable for very young children. I know my 7 year old nephew would be scared with some bits. The maze scene in particular. But my favourite part HAS to be the Yule Ball. Everyone, including Hagrid, get a chance to have a bit of romance. Lovely! So yet again, this is definitely one I recommend. LOVED IT!!! (PS That IS Daniel Ratcliffe's bum you see in the bathroom scene!!!)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

ring ring

Today, I was forced to go to the hospital about my wrist. I've had to wear a wrist support for a few days now. I cant move it a certain way and it's very annoying now. Docs at A&E told me that I've bruised my bone and it'll take a few more days to heal. That means still wearing my wrist support (which use to belong to my gran from when she broke her wrist) and then taking a visit to my doctor for a checkup.

I've been downhearted about it all. Annoyed that I can't help lift a fridge for my gran, carry heavy bags, even finding it hard to tie my hair back. So my gran bought me a new house phone (pictured above) My other phone is really shit. Now I can walk about with this one. Yay!!

Monday, November 28, 2005


In a galaxy very, very, very, very far away there lived a ruthless race of beings know as...Spaceballs.

Chapter Eleven

The evil leaders of Planet Spaceball, having foolishly squandered their precious atmosphere, have devised a secret plan to take every breath of air away from their peace-loving neighbour, Planet Druidia.
Today is Princess Vespa's wedding day. Unbeknownst to the princess but knownst to us, danger lurks in the stars above....

If you can read this, you don't need glasses

Name this movie without using google search for help! There are very big clues about it.

Australian man to be executed in Singapore

Australian man, Nguyen Van Tuong, is to be executed for drug trafficking in Singapore on Friday. Story here:

Basically, the man smuggled around 4 grams of heroin into Singapore. He admitted to smuggling the drugs, because he was trying to help his brother out of financial difficulties. Therefore, being caught, and due to the strict Singaporean drug smuggling laws, is now facing execution.

The Australian government has pleaded with the Singaporean government for clemency. The Singaporeans are not budging. It is their laws, and anyone knows that if you go into Indonesia with drugs, and you get caught, you're in deep shit. Look up the Schapelle Corby story for more. Our Prime Minister, John Howard, has spoken to the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, on 4 occasions, during the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting (CHOGM) over the past few days, with no result. There's even an online petition being sent to the Prime Minister of Singapore, which can be found here if you're interested.

My opinion? HANG THE BASTARD. Anyone who trafficks in that shit should be shot. I don't care if it's here or overseas. They said he had enough heroin for 26,000 shots. That's 26,000 less fucked up junkies in the world. You may not agree with me, but I have NO compassion for fucked up junkies. Just as I have NO compassion for people that smuggle it into Indonesian countries. They know the risks. They know they'll get execution if they're found with it. All these goddam greenies in this country saying he should be given clemency. What for? He did the wrong thing. Who asks for clemency when murderers in America get executed? And as far as I'm concerned, this guy is tantamount to a murderer. I'd be exactly the same if it was a member of my family. The hippies here are asking for 1 minute silence on the morning of his hanging. Sure, do that, and tarnish the memory of the thousands of men and women that gave up their lives for our freedom, because that's the ONLY time there should be minutes silence. Not for some goddam drug smuggler. That's my opinion. Feel free to express your own.

Another welcome needed

Our blog is growing by the day! Today, we welcome another new member..Chad! Chad has been my hunnee for years now and there's no signs of getting rid of him...J/K HUNNEE.

Welcome to the blog, Hunnee!! Hope you have as much fun as we do!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Take That and party!!!

Dispite the bad news about Tamarin, I've been reliving my youth with the news that, and I'm gonna make this bold for all to see, TAKE THAT ARE GETTING BACK TOGETHER!!!!

For those who don't know who or what Take That is, I shall tell you! Take That were the biggest boyband in the 90's. They were HUGE in the UK and the rest of the world (apart from America. They have no taste!) The members were Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams, Mark Owen, Howard Donald and Jason Orange. In 1995, Robbie left and embarked on a solo career, which didnt get off to a good start. He was plagued with drug and alcohol abuse for years but has since then turned himself around and has become one of the biggest household names of his time! After Robbie's depart, the other four members carried on with touring and music making but in Feb 1996, they split. I remember the day I watched the press conference. I was watching with my mum and dad and once it finished, I ran upstairs and started to cry. I cried for about a day. If you think that's sad, then you should hear what others did. One girl killed herself because they split and they set up a helpline for others who felt that they couldnt go on anymore.

The reunion, which will last for 11 days, 8 arena tour, will take place throughout the UK and Ireland starting off in Newcastle Metro Radio arena on the 24th April 2006. Robbie failed to turn up to a reunion supper, with the other members, not too long ago. This tour will make EACH member £1.5m richer. Robbie has been included in the offer but it's not yet known if he will take part. If that's the case, they'll tour without him. Anyway..if you want to read about it all, you can do so by clicking here. Once again...I'M SO HAPPY!!!


My mother and I have two horses. While out visiting her, I usually go horse riding. There's Tamarin (35) and Brogan (12). My mother gave me the heartbreaking news that Tamarin has to be put to sleep tomorrow. So I said my goodbyes before coming home.

My mum bought Tamarin 2 years after I was born. She use to be a gypsy horse and was really really thin. Vets didnt think she would make it past that winter but my mum built up her strength and ended up winning a lot of ribbons and trophies in dressage. She's heartbroken more than me. I've worked with Brogan more but she's been around for 25 years of my life. I was more upset for my mum. She broke down quite a lot today. End of a era!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Some People....

Really need either a good kick up the arse, or a good punch in the face. You all know from my previous post that I got my licence today. So, honestly, HOW HARD IS IT TO CONGRATULATE ME??? Someone who claims to be a friend, didnt even have the nerve to say anything. They just made some stupid smart arse comment. Is it that difficult to feign interest? I guess it really shows the true nature of some people. Everyone else has been great. I can see at a time like this, you really know who your true friends are.

My Driving Test

After much nervousness, panicking etc...I PASSED! I didn't pass with flying colours, but my examiner said my driving is great, just my manouvers can do with a bit of polishing up. It'll all come with experience now. According to West Australian road laws, I now have to complete 25 hours of supervised driving, completing a log book in the process, before I can get my provisional license (P plates). I still have to be on my L plates (Learner) until I complete those 25 hours. But I can drive wherever I want. With someone like me though, who wouldn't drive very far, into the city at most (a half hour trip) it's going to take me a looooong time to rack up those 25 hours. But still, I can drive wherever I want now! And I don't really mind someone else being in the car with me. Gets me ready for when I need to drive alone. So..thanks to all the people that wished me luck! It's greatly appreciated! :)

Friday, November 25, 2005


steals Nenni's idea cause I got a Great song I love and have been listing to and it's words have great meaning to me and I hope They will for anyone that will read this

Reality - by Newsboys

"Mom &Dad,
I'm fine. How are you? I have joined a small circus (that much
is true). I'm a little malnourished, but try to relax. Could you
a better photo for the milk carton backs?

Send money."

where's your head?
dreamers' dreams
are grounded

in reality
that comes from above
God is calling
there's no bigger love
It's his reality that welcomes us back
Trust and obey
there is no other way

"Mom &Dad,

I'm fair. How's life? Lent the money you sent me to the clown
with the knife. My career as an acrobat hasn't begun, but
I'm busy giving blood and shoveling elephant dung.

Send money."

Why so tense?
dreamers' dreams
will make sense

in reality
that comes from above
God is calling
there's no bigger love
It's his reality that welcomes us back
Trust and obey
there is no other way

blowing smoke
your folks are worried
and going broke

after the fall
is an all-new episode
is the high road


I've not posted lyrics on here before but I love this song and have had it on repeat for over 30 minutes...

Call it over, call it gone, call it nothing
see what you've gone and done.
Call it stupid, call it wrong, call it reckless
see what we've gone and done.

Who am I to break this young girl's heart?
How the mighty rise and fall.

I will not be beaten. You have yet to see me shining, shining.
I wont take this lying down.
I will not be beaten. You have yet to see me shining, shining.
I wont take this lying down.

Call me sunday, call me soon, call me heartless, call me to your room.
Call me lonely, call me lame, call me blind and foolish just to spare you from the blame.

Who am I to break this young girl's heart?
How the mighty rise and fall.

I will not be beaten. You have yet to see me shining, shining
I wont take this lying down.
I will not be beaten. You have yet to see me shining, shining
I wont take this lying down.

I will not be beaten. You have yet to see me shining, shining
I wont take this lying down.

Kristian Leontiou - Shining

Yours, Mine, and Ours

My Family and I go to a Family Movie on Thanksgiving night. I didn't know much about this movie except that it was a remake of one done years ago. So, I really wasn't looking forward to it. I was so very wrong. The movie was well done. Not only did it keep my attention, but it also kept Jade's attention, which can be very hard to do. In case you don't know anything about the movie, there is a woman with 10 children and a man with 8 children. They get married suddenly, without the children knowing and then the children are just thrown together. The man is an Admiral in the Coast Guard and is very strict. The woman is very laid back and loving. The kids hate each other, and decide that they are going to break their parents up. It is quite funny how they go about it. There are quite a few humourous moments and some very sad, emotional ones. The movie was very well done, for a family movie. If you are in to movies like that, then I recommend this one.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


We don't celebrate thanksgiving in the UK nor Aus (for Luna) but I would just like to take the time to say...

Happy Thanksgiving to the people in USA! Hope you have a great holiday

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

R.I.P. Eddie 1967-2005

Eduardo Gori Guerrero Llanes

I don't know about other people's opinion on Wrestling some don't like it say it's all fake but that's there opinions Myself I know it's not completly fake it's entertaining to say the least one man I grew up and Looked up to in this business is this man Eduardo Gorie Guerrero Llanes or better Known as
Eddie Guerrero "Latino Heat"

On November 13, 2005 A sad Day In Wrestling that will never be forgotten Eddie Guerrero was found Dead in his hotel room,
The Autotopsy Report has reported on Monday November 14, 2005 That Eddie Guerrero Passed away due to Heart Failure he also had a bit of a heart disease that came from all his drinking and drug abuse before. So This right here proves to anyone that wants to do drugs to get a little high or whatever no matter how much pleasure you get from it, you will pay the price at the end just remember that before you pop a pill or whatever drug you may be doing, it only shortens your life.

His Career has Surpassed so many Trials and Tribulations a normal man would just give up, he's gone thru Drug abuse and Drinking to much, as of November 15th this year he would have reached his 4th year of being sober from both drugs and Drinking He's acomplished alot in his wrestling career He's held Tag Team Gold Three times, Once with his own Nephew Chavo Guerrero, and Once with Tajiri, and One with one of his good buddies Rey Mysterio Jr. and on Febuary 15, 2004 He reached his all time Wrestling goal as The WWE Heavyweight Champion by Defeating Brock Lesner at No Way Out, and To make things much better He's now Wrestling Main events For the big man upstairs yes He has become a Born again Christian Thank the lord that his heart was reached before his time on this earth was over.

My heart and Prayers Go out to his Family, His Wife, and Three daughters I know to well how it is to lose a loved one so close like a father is to his daughter or son and I can tell you The First year without him will be there hardest to go thru, the first christmas without him, the first birthday without him and so on, I pray they can get thru this tough time, I feel for Eddie Guerrero as I feel for my own Family :( it was real painfull to hear that he died, When I was told this I was thinking this better be One Sick joke I didn't want to believe he died even after I saw it on I still couldn't believe it, even tho the proof was right in my face I didn't want to believe it.

I'm sorry I can't say much more so i'm ending this right here and right now

EDDIE I Know your reading this from above Thank you for all you gave us, Latino Heat shall burn on in all our hearts We love you we will never forget you

We have a new member

A good friend of ours has asked to join our posting team. Daniel joins us and this now means that Luna, Michele and myself can now slap him about!

Welcome, Meanie Daniel!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Horror movies V4

Carrying on from horror movies V1 V2 and V3, here are some updates and new news about upcoming horror movies. (all news and pics taken from

White Noise 2: The story has been approved. No news on when it'll start filming. It is said that it will have no connection to the first White Noise movie. It centers around a father who's family have all been murdered. He himself has been brought back from the brink death and he soon discovers that he has the ability to indentify who are about to die. It's also said to have a similarty to Final Destination, minus Death killing people.

Silent Hill: There's an interview, which up until now, could only be read by people able to read french. Here is the translated version of the interview. It tells how to movie is based upon the first Silent Hill game but incorporates elements from the 2nd and 3rd games. There is not going to be a lot of gore in this movie but it's expected to have an R-rating.

I don't want to babble on too much with other movies. I will say that there were talks of a Halloween 9 but things are on hold because of the tragic death of the producer Moustapha Akkad. He died of wounds sustained in the bombing of a Jordan hotel and there is a poster for the new Creepshow 3 movie. It can be viewed here. I'll update more when there is more news.

I would just like to wish Luna..

all the luck in the world with her driving test today!! Sweetie, you're gonna do well!

Luna is taking her driving test for her license today. Soon she'll be out driving in Aus..there will be no stopping her! Anyone visiting, if you would like to give your wishes, then feel free too! I think her test is in about an hour or two.

Good luck again, sweetie!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Not happy part 2

Now that I've bitched about the counter, I can bitch about what happened yesterday.

I went out to my mum's on thursday and came back into town yesterday to feed my baby (my cat) I tried to unlock my door but the key wouldnt fit into the lock. So I knocked on my next door neighbours door and asked if someone had been around and maybe changed my lock. We both took a look and thought maybe someone had glued my lock. So I called the council to come and help me get in. After an HOUR and 30 MINUTES, someone came round to help me. I've now got a new lock, 3 new keys, police coming around because my lock DID have glue in it and a pretty good idea who did this.
The woman downstairs hates me with a passion!! We've already gone toe to toe over my cat knocking a box over at 4:30am. She's already tried to force her way into my apartment and tried to beat me up. That all ended up with her putting glue in my lock a few months ago. NOW, she doesnt like that I raise the volume of my TV when she's blasting her music in the early hours of the morning and I THINK that something is up with the overflow in my apartment (got the guys coming tomorrow) and it's effected her in some way. If that's the case, then I know it's her that's glued my lock again. She's an other words...she's a hooker and thinks shes better than everyone else. I've put in for a move away from here and when I do get the move, I'm getting her back big style! Stupid motherfucker aint getting away with it!!

Not happy part 1

Seems our counter isnt working. Had to make a new account to get a new counter. So, we're having to start all over again with visitor stats! NOT HAPPY but what can we do?? Tried to get the counter to register that we've had over 3,000 visitors but it was being a bitch and wouldnt let me! ARGH

Thursday, November 17, 2005

My Movie Review: Saw 2

Plot outline: Jigsaw locks a few unlucky people in a booby trapped shelter and they must find a way out before they inhale too much of a lethal nerve gas and die. But they must watch out, for the traps Jigsaw has set in the shelter lead to death also.

Well, what can I say about Saw 2 without shouting out loud! Don't mind if I do! SAW 2 FUCKING ROCKED!!! It was easily THE best movie I've seen so far this year. I swear, I have never seen a sequel that far outdoes the original.
I won't give the movie away, but I can say it's more gory than the first, more terrifying, more thrilling, more everything! My friend Naomi and I were literally on the edge of our seats!
Jigsaw is back, of course, played by Tobin Bell, as is in the original. So is Shawnee Smith, as Amanda, the drug addict who survived Jigsaw's fate once before. Donnie Whalberg, who in my opinion is not as good an actor as is brother, outdoes himself as Eric Matthews, the police detective assigned to the Jigsaw case. Franky G, who plays Xavier, one of the victims trapped in the house, really makes the movie. You really want to smash his face in with the nail studded club!And even though she's not in it for very long, Beverly Mitchell, who you might remember played one of the sisters in Seventh Heaven, performs well also.
I found a lot of it was easily foreseen, but that was good! That way, it seems like you're outwitting Jigsaw. But no one could have prepared me for the end! What a twist!!! I could never have figured it out. All in all, the whole movie was exceptional. I surely will go and see it again. And if you have any hesitation in going to see it, DON'T! Do yourself the favour. SEE IT NOW!

snow, snow, quick quick, snow

I've not done, nor seen much, to post about this last week. I've been playing spider solitaire all the time and I'll be playing it after posting this! I can't help it..

One thing that's happened, and you can tell by the topic, is that it started snowing here yesterday. It didnt lie. It was too wet for that to happen and tonight on my way home, it started snowing again. WINTER IS HERE FO' SHO' NOW!, and I'm not happy about it. It's too cold, the windscreen of the car needs scraping and now I'm having to wrap up warm. It's bloody freezing. I expect that it'll be worse when I head out to my mum's tomorrow. With her living inland from me, she gets the cold weather worse than the city..on the plus side of that, she gets better warm weather. So, I'm hoping I dont get snowed in for sunday (when I'm coming home)

I got new glasses the other day and they're hurting the bridge of my nose. I'll have to head over to the optician tomorrow and see if they can fix that. It's really annoying me now. ...I cant think of anything else to blog about, at the moment. I will probably have stuff to blog about when I get home. Take Care!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Very very pissed off...

First of all, my damn internet keeps dropping connection. I have broadband, and it usually has no problems. But for the last few days, I've been losing connection at around 6pm. I rang my service provider, they say its something to do with the phone exchange, or with the phone lines, but they can't get a maintenance person out until Tuesday. Which is bollocks I reckon.
Secondly, I got a virus on my computer today. Damn MSN virus. Its one of those ones that sends mass IM's to all your contacts that are online at the time. I'm not blaming the person who sent it to me, coz she didn't know what it did. It came up as a link, so stupid me, thinking she was sending me just a regular link, clicked on it, opened it. BAM, virus time. So it sent to everyone on my list who was online. I think a couple of people may have got caught out. Took me all damn afternoon to remove it, and still things are fucking up. But they're only minor problems. The major one is, my firewall is completely screwed. Lucky I have one I can use for backup.
So if you do happen to get this virus.. which is named ssms.exe DO NOT OPEN IT! It'll come in the form of a link, saying "Is this you?" with a link with your MSN address in it. If you do happen to accidentally have it, use something like SpyBot Search and Destroy to remove it.
Please be careful with ANYTHING you click on, or anything that is sent to you.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

80's music

First off, I would just like to thank Luna for helping me relive my youth and helping revive very old memories that I had pushed to the back of my head. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, sweetie!

Most people remember that 80's music was kinda retro. You have to agree there. Even some youth of today like 80's music and I have to say that it was the best era to grow up in, IMHO. While talking with Luna and rob in chat, I mentioned that there was a song I loved when I was 4. My brother and I would dance to it at my grans. Me waving ballons in the air and then sulking when my dad took one from me and gave it to my brother. When my brother died at the age of 20 months, the record was hidden away with the rest of his stuff. So I sort of forgot all about it. The song I'm talking about it Toto Coelo - I Eat Cannibals. Brings back some old memories and I've spent the last 40 minutes listening and thinking back. It's been over 20 years since I last heard the song in full and some of you might be reading this and thinking "I think I remember that song!" If that is the case, then here is a little teaser of the lyrics..

I eat cannibal, Feed on animal. Your love is so edible to me. I eat cannibals. I eat cannibal, It's incredible. You bring out the animal in me. I eat cannibals

Ring a bell with anyone? If so, let me know what your memories are of the song, if you have any and if anyone would like a copy of the song, let myself or Luna know. I'm sure we'll be more than happy to send you a copy of the mp3. I've also searched for the lyrics to the song, just incase anyone wants to read over them. You can do so by clicking here.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

No music

I've been ranting most of the night in chat. Now I'll rant here!

On Thursday afternoon, after I had managed to drag my lazy ass out of bed, I got dressed and started to head out to my grans. When I went to unlock my car, I noticed the lock was bust and then I spotted that my car stereo was gone! I called the police and she talked me through telling her what was missing. Aside from the stereo, there were cd's missing. 3 in total. They left the cd's that didnt have cases. I'm bloody stupid for leaving them in the car and for not taking the stereo face out the night before. I normally do that but I was lazy on wed!

I've tried to contact my insurance company but they claim their 'database' is down. Has been since thursday. So I cant go ahead and fix my lock until I've spoken to them. I've had to borrow my mum's car so that I could come home today. I've been living with her for a few days. She lives in the country, so it doesnt really matter that my car wont lock. She's not happy about me taking her car and she'll flip if I cant get things sorted out soon. I just hope that I dont have to wait long. All the shit things that are going on just never seem to end!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

My Movie Review: The Exorcism of Emily Rose

In an extremely rare decision, the Catholic Church officially recognized the demonic possession of a 19 year-old college freshman. Told in terrifying flashbacks, "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" chronicles the haunting trial of the priest accused of negligence resulting in the death of the young girl believed to be possessed. Inspired by true events, the film stars Laura Linney as the lawyer who takes on the task of defending the priest (Tom Wilkinson) who performed the controversial exorcism.
If you don't want the plot given away, do NOT click on the link below!
The movie is based loosely on actual events, which can be found here

The movie itself was extremely entertaining. I didn't know much about the story, apart from that it was about an exorcism performed on a girl. I honestly thought the girl was very young, like 6 or 7, but it wasn't until the movie started I realised she was 19. Anyway, that aside, it's pretty much a courtroom drama. But the thing I liked about it was, it was presented with flashbacks, so you knew what was going on. I won't give the plot away, if you've clicked the link above, it pretty much gives it away. The story is loosely based on fact, but it keeps the story pretty much intact. Of course a lot of things were changed, but if you don't know the real story, it doesn't really matter. The acting itself, Laura Linney was alright, but the best performances came from Emily herself, played by Jennifer Carpenter, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the real girl, and from Tom Wilkinson, who played Father Moore.
What I really liked about it was that it was believable. I have seen the Exorcist, and although it's a classic movie, I thought the acting was very much over the top. There was no pea soup, no strange writing appearing on her body, nothing like that. You really feel Emily's fear. You really start to wonder if what she went through was real. You can empathise with the situation the Father was put through. And you feel for her family. You also see Laura Linney's character struggle with her own beliefs. And to me, that's what made it exceptional.
If you haven't already seen it, I highly recommend it. It's not ever going to be a Hollywood blockbuster, but that's what makes it a great movie. Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's official!

I have bronchitis again. It's only been a few months since I last got over bronchitis and the doctor said it's not as bad as before. Which means I probably wont be effected with pneumonia like last time. I also have to get a flu jab because now I have more chance of catching the flu.

I can't seem to shake any illness. Just when I think everything will be ok, something else rears it's ugly head. So I'm back on antibiotics and steroids for awhile to help my breathing and I've got another doctors appointment in 3 weeks to see how I'm getting on.

Someone make me well again =(

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Kip is gone

Today, I signed my puppy over to the local dog and cat home. It was hard to do but it is for the best...for him of course. Not for me. As much as I loved him, he was a handful and he wouldnt leave my cat, pyper, alone. She had her back leg broken when she was a kitten and she now has 3 pins holding her leg together. He would jump all over her and I was really worried that he would do her some serious damage.
With him now being at the dog and cat home, he can he rehoused with someone who can take better care of him then I could. At the home, they check everything before they allow you to take a dog or cat home. So I know he'll be put somewhere that's best for him.
I cried when they took him away from me. I called his name and he turned to look at me. I went to clap him for the last time but I couldnt. I had to walk out. I'm going to miss the little shit. Dispite him being hyper and chewing everything expensive that I owned, I did have fun with him. Again, it's for his best interest

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The white stuff

I'm back and in the worst mood ever. Thursday was the day of my birthday and it (excuse the language) fucking sucked ass! Birthdays get worse as you get older. Aint that the truth? Birthdays as kids was the best. You couldnt wait to get to bed so you could wake up the next morning but then you couldnt sleep because you were too excited (or was that just me?) Now you wake up and it's just an ordinary, monotonous day where you get cards and some people try to give heart felt wishes...

Anyway, Thurs I ended up at my mum's where I got so drunk with a couple of friends, and woke the next day with the worst hangover I've ever had. I spent most of Friday on the couch feeling sorry for myself. Saturday started off a little better but I was feeling a little rough. I put it down to the hangover but it's worse than that...Saturday evening I started coughing really bad. So bad that I gave myself a headache. I think I've either got a really bad cold or it's bronchitis again. I think that latter because it's all so similar to how I felt awhile back. I dont want it to be bronchitis. I went through a really bad time with that. I've got the doctor tomorrow. Fingers crossed it's not that again.

Reading this doesnt make much sense. Is it just me? I cant be bothered changing anything about this post. It stays as it is so I can look back and say to myself "GODDAMN, JEN. You type the most utter bullshit when you're feeling like poop" Plus, the topic of the post has nothing what-so-ever to do with what I typed about the past few days. I couldnt think of a good topic. So I called it after something close by..I spotted my milk carton and it says "the white stuff" on it. So the topic was born, so shall it be

Another rant..

Why do people have to be such assholes? My sister does a party plan thing, its clothes and underwear, so to help her out, I thought I'd have a party for her. My best friend wanted some clothes too, and seeing as though she had very few people to invite to her own party, I said that we could combine our parties, and split the benefits. You know, do the right thing and all. I shouldn't have bothered. The party's today, and she's invited no one. I really don't have people to invite either, but she said she'd invite her mum, and her best friend's mum and a couple of other people. She informs me last night that she didn't invite these people because she knew they wouldn't come. Now, I've got 3 outside orders already...and the other people coming to the party are going to order too..all MY friends. So basically, why should i split the profits with her, if she's not going to have people ordering off her?
Anyway, I'm running around like the proverbial blue arsed fly, cleaning the house (not that its majorly dirty, just the usual stuff) making food for afternoon tea, and she tells me she can only stay an hour. WTF?? I'm having this party for HER, and I'm doing all the fucking work, and she's getting away with doing nothing. I feel like calling the whole damn thing off. I should really, but for MY friends coming over.
I won't go on about how my sister's being a bitch, anyone that knows me knows about my sister. Suffice to say, I'm having this party for her too, so she can get profits, and help her out a bit, and the bitch can't even talk to me civilly. I'm sick of being used. And if she starts on me today, all hell will break loose, I don't care who's there.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Some people are strange..

Sitting in chat this afternoon, minding my own business, and i get an IM on google talk. Now it's usually only Jen and Danny that IM me, and I knew Jen was in bed. I thought..what does Danny want now?? lol just kidding Danny. Anyway, to my surprise, Rob IM's me with this link. Cracked me the hell up. Hope you enjoy it too.

Birthday time

Today, I'm older than before. I wont reveal my age (a lady never tells) but I feel old now and it's only 1 hour and 37 minutes into my birthday!

I'll be gone for a few days. I'm spending some time with my mother. I'm leaving you in the capable hands of Luna. Who may I add, sends kick ass birthday e-cards!! Thank you again, sweetie.

I'd like all birthday presents and cards sent to nenni00@gm....ahaha just kidding. All of you take care and I'll cya when I get back.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Halloween is upon us, so I've decided to add a couple halloween clipart pictures to the blog. I managed to stop myself going overboard. I was going to change the whole colour of the blog template and font colours...thank god I decided not to. I would have got so pissed off over it. So, it's ended up with a pretty simple and small display.

I've also decided to post some ghost stories told to me by my late father. I'll get these up as soon as. I'll also post some spells that I know. Just simple ones for you guys to try on halloween night.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

A quiz for all to try

For the past day, Luna, myself and others from chat have been doing a quiz..linked to us by a chat member (who I shall kill after I complete the quiz). It consists of 30 levels BUT if you answer level 30 in the correct way, you can carry on for another 20 levels.

A few of us were stuck on level 44 for hours (yes, I am stupid. As some people have pointed out but I don't care!). I've since past that stage and am now stuck on level 49. You enter the answers into the URL. If your answer is incorrect, it directs you to another page. It's also rigged so you cant cheat on it all. Some of the answers for levels can vary to the answers others would get. Plus, if you try to link someone to a certain page that you're stuck on, it says "Please Do Not Cheat".

It's very addictive! I've given up a few times and gone back to carry on. You can't just leave it. You can play the quiz here and if needed, mark this post and you can come back and ask for help at any time. Luna and myself will gladly help anyone. We've needed some help along the way ourselves. Enjoy!

EDIT: I would just like to add that I have now finished the quiz!!!

You completede as number 153 (YAY!!!!!!!) I just wish Luna was here to finish it with me

Friday, October 21, 2005

New family edition

Tilly is the new edition to the family. My mum surprised me on wed with Tilly, a 6 week old, beautiful black lab. She's jet black apart from a tiny white patch on her bottom lip (seen in the photo) and a thin white patch on her chest. I've spent the last couple of days being chewed to bits and I'm minus a few strands of hair (all dogs take a shine to my hair and tend to only attack my hair even though there may be 20 people in the room with hair to chew)

She's all feet and tail. The tail never stops wagging and she's not quite figured out how to move her back legs in time with her front legs. I now have more reason to have fun at my mum's now

What the world has come to...

I can't find a news article on this, but today in court, a Perth man was found guilty and fined $750 for "child abuse" after smacking his daughter on the leg. His daughter was constantly pestering him for a lolly (a sweet) and she was throwing a massive tantrum. A family friend contacted police after seeing bruises on the little girl. (In the story on the TV news, I saw the photos, and I couldn't see any bruises)
Now, am I wrong in thinking this is ridiculous? How in the world can anyone say this is child abuse? When the ONLY way to get your child to stop throwing a tantrum is to smack them? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning beating up on children. But to give one smack, as the man said he did, and to get charged for it? I don't have children myself, but my sister does, and I've seen her struggling so hard not to smack her children. But sometimes, in circumstances, it's the only way you can stop them from throwing a fit. Honestly, what parent, or guardian, or babysitter, or whatever, hasn't given a child a smack on the hand when they're naughty? If they haven't, they've got great self control.
When I was growing up, I got belted with a wooden spoon, belt buckle, pretty much whatever was handy. I've had ashtrays, plates, glasses thrown at me by my mum. I don't necessarily agree with the discipline measures my mum doled out. But it was the only way she knew how. I know I won't do the same to my children, if I ever have them. But I will not hesitate in smacking my child if I see fit. Spare the rod and spoil the child. An old saying, but I think, if it was adhered to a little bit more, we wouldn't have the social problems we have today. I'd like to see how others feel about this. Feel free to reply.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I have to motivate myself

It's been nearly 4 months since Mum passed away. I've done all I can to fix up her affairs, all that I can think of anyway. The only thing I can't bring myself to finish is writing all the thank you cards out for the people that came to her funeral. I've done about half of them, but I just can't bring myself to complete them. It's like the final step, and I really can't face doing it. My dad and I had decided not to send out cards, but, with Italian families, there's the whole "doing the right thing" business. My mum's side of the family, well mainly her sisters, are saying that we have to do it, because it's the done thing. Yeah right, we really can afford to spend over $400 on these thank you cards. Theyre little cards, with the picture of the deceased on the front, a prayer inside, and their name, birthdate, date of death, and where they were born etc. I've counted up the amount of cards I would have had to send out, and it tops 100. So we decided not to do it, and to just get a generic thank you note. Found some really nice ones too. And for $3.95 a pack of 25, cheaper than the alternative. We're not cheapskates, just on the pension its hard. Basically, I think my aunties, well one of them in particular, wants these cards sent out because a lot of HER friends came to Mum's funeral, and it'll make HER look better to these snobby Italians if we did it. Well fuck that. I'm not going to do that just so she can look good in front of her friends. So half of those people have been cut off the mailing list. And if she says anything about it, I'll tell her to go to hell. None of them have even had the decency to come over to see how we're coping, not even a phone call, but we're expected to call THEM. Well, I'm sorry, but she was OUR mother, and wife. But, I could go on forever about my mum's side of the family. Thank god Dad's side is decent!
So anyway, I'm really gonna have to get started on the rest, even though I don't want to do it. Maybe I just dont want closure yet, I dunno. But I really can't let it go on any longer. Argh!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Snooker result

Scotland's John Higgins put on a record-breaking display as he blew away Ronnie O'Sullivan 9-2 in the final of the Preston Grand Prix. Higgins set a new record for a ranking event of four centuries in a row to move 8-2 ahead and also posted a new mark of 494 unanswered points.

I watched this and it's the best game of snooker I've seen Higgins play in a long time. Not a lot of people like him and he has had some bad form the past few years but he was on fire! NO ONE has ever played four centuries in a row during any match, let alone in a ranking event.

Ronnie 'The Rocket' O'Sullivan was booed by the crowd when he entered the arena and most think it's because of his remarks the day before after playing Barry Hawkens. His comments of "snooker is boring" and that he "wished he was digging up roses instead" didnt go down well with most people who love the sport and while Higgins was clearing the table, he was sitting looking very bored! Next year he'll be in America playing pool...IMHO, I dont think he'll make anything of it but we'll wait and see.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

My model airplane making exploits

2 weekends ago, my sister kicked her boarder out of her house, finally. He left most of his junk at her house, so it was left to me to throw all the rubbish out. I came across a model airplane kit. I thought, well I might attempt to put it together. So I bought it home, and my dad, who's a model airplane NUT, said it was good. Anyway, he got the urge to head down to the hobby shop, and bought himself 2 models.
Now, Dad's a HUGE WWII plane fan. He likes the German and American planes mostly. He's built, from scratch, 3 model airplanes, from balsa wood, all hand crafted, they took him about 15 years in total. He's even made little engines that make the propellor and wings move! They're amazing, the 2 large ones wingspans are about 2 foot across.
So, today I decided I'd start on the model. The one we salvaged from my sisters house had half the pieces missing, so that got binned. I asked Dad if I could start on one of his. He let me, even though this is my first attempt at making one. Well, what fun! I got my superglue out, scissors, tweezers and magnifying glass out! Some of the pieces are tiny! But its great, I even get to paint all the little bits!
This is the picture of the model I'm working on. (This is the original plane, by the way! lol) Its called a Fi 156 C Storch, and if anyone's interested, this is a bit of info on the plane.
The Fieseler Fi 156C Storch is a fabric and steel lube constructed 3 place liaison aircraft, famous for its short take off and landing (STOL) characteristics. Used by the German forces throughout the second world war, the Fi156 was the reconnaissance aircraft used by Hitler, and the German Field Marshals and commanders for survey of the battle lines during the conflict. It also played the major role in a daring rescue of the imprisoned Italian dictator Benito Mussolini from a jagged mountain top by the famed German spy Otto Scorzny. The Storch operated much like helicopters do in the modern military of the world to day, in the capacity of Communications, observation, command, ambulance, rescue, VIP transport and agent insertion. The versatility made the Storch a popular aircraft, in constant demand over the entire German warfront. First built in 1939 and remaining in production throughout the war and after, more than 1,549 aircraft were produced. Its long fixed landing gear, and high wing planeform, gave the angular Fi156 the look of a landing insect at times. During the winter months, the Storch was fitted with skis, rather than wheels, so it could continue to operate over the battlefields in snowy weather. After the War, both France and Czechoslovakia continued production of this well known STOL aircraft.

Friday, October 14, 2005


A teenager is being treated for text messaging and e-mail addiction in what is believed to be the first case in Scotland. In the space of a year, the 19 year old spent £4,500 on text messaging. He was sending about 700 texts a week and he resigned from his job after bosses found out he had sent 8,000 e-mails in one month

WTF? Now, I send a lot of texts but I'm on a system where all my UK texts are free. Only over-seas costs me money. If this guy was so addicted then why didnt he get a package on a pay-as-you-go mobile? It would have at least saved him some money. The majority of his texts and e-mails where to his girlfriend. Now, if they ever spent time together, then why did he have to send so much? If they spent time together after work hours and stuff, then that must mean that all thoughs emails and texts were sent during the day...HOLY FUCKING SHIT!

Anyone reading this...ever been addicted to sending texts or e-mails and if so, how did you kick your habit?

The new James Bond

Daniel Craig is taking over the James Bond role in the 21st movie. A couple of movies that Daniel Craig, an english actor, has started in are Layer Cake and Tomb Raider along side Jolie.

You can read all about this here. My opinion?? No one will replace Sean Connery as Bond for me. He is James Bond!

I just about had a heart attack!


It's finally cool but I was having a heart attack..I thought all the hard work to get the blog as it is, had gone down the drain. So, through my panic state and trying to calm myself down once it did load right, I've managed to copy EVERYTHING to notepad, incase something bad does happen here.

What made it worse, was the overwhelming need I had to pee (TMI?) and the same need I have now. I'm off to the bathroom to try and figure out what the fuck happened! (oh and also to pee)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

New desktop

I just wanted to post this to show how hella cool my new desktop is.
I wont have this for long because my computer is going to my mum.

I apologize to anyone who is viewing this and doesnt like clowns. I don't mean to cause you any fear.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

bath time horror

I decided tonight to have a bath and to stay in it for about an hour! I got the water just right, got some candles burning and turned off the light. The beam of light from the livingroom and the candles suited me just fine. I did some girly things (shaving) and then climbed into the tub. The water was perfect and I was sure I would end up falling alseep.

I was lying there, thinking about being in a bathtub somewhere else, when out the corner of my eye, I spotted something moving. Now, as people who know me can verify..I hate creepy crawlies with a passion!!! It turns out that this moving thing on my bathroom wall was a spider. So now I'm laying there, scared to move incase this thing jumps on me and starts tearing at my flesh (I really hate spiders!) If this one spider wasnt enough to scare me, I spotted another one climbing down another wall (may I add that these walls are far away from the bath). So I start to do little girly scream sounds, which wakes up my puppy, Kip, who loves sleeping in the bathroom. He's now trying to jump up on the side of the bath to get to me, with his ears sticking up and trying to reach his head into the water. Then I had the idea of shouting on my cat, pyper, to come and eat said spiders. So I say her name and she comes to the bathroom door. I look at her and say "pyper, go eat the spiders!". She looks back at me, looks at kip, who's now standing with one foot on the side of the bath..staring at her..she meows at me, turns around and LEAVES! She left me in my hour of need!

By now I'm scared shitless at these HUGE spiders. They were fucking huge..the size of your palm..I swear on it! My now 'one hour bath' has turned into a '10 minute bath' because I'm now climbing out of the tub (very slowly) and reaching for my towel. Now, I'm by no means 'brave' but I reach for the toilet paper and start unrolling a lot of it. I catch one spider and throw the paper into the toilet. Now I have to catch the other but when I did, it kept moving. So now I'm standing in the middle of my bathroom, dancing about like Michael Flattley in the Lord Of The Dance, screaming like a little girl as I try to catch this spider. I finally did manage but then it STARTED TO CLIMB UP THE INSIDE OF THE TOILET TO GET TO ME. So I flush the toilet...IT STARTS TO CLIMB AGAIN, so I used about a whole bottle of toilet cleaner trying to kill it before I tried to flush it again. Both spiders are now gone but what a near death experience I had. I came out alive...maybe I wont next time!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

World Snooker

I'm in my mint!! The snooker Grand Prix started last week at the Preston Guildhall and now I have something to look forward to. So far Paul Hunter, John Parrott, Stephen Lee, Matthew Stevens and Mark Williams are some of the big names already out in the first round, with John Higgins, Jimmy White, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Ken Doherty and Peter Ebdon going through with ease. I'll keep posting updates on it for anyone interested. So, keep an eagle eye out!

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Every so often, when I have nothing to really post about, I plug some sites. I've plugged my partner in crime (although he'll deny any evil doing on his part and will maintain his innocence till the day he dies) and the one person who cracks me up with one liners... Anarchy's blog...Now it's the turn of rob.

Rob aka phobos shares a site with some old school friends and it's based on the group they formed at school called EvilCON. Some posts go way over my head because I'm basically stoopid but the intellectual/intelligent people of the net that happen to visit here from BE might find it of some interest (as I do but don't let rob know this!) You can check out the site by either clicking on EvilCON under the blogroll list or by clicking here! They were made famous by an article on New York Times and from what I know, or might be misguided into believing, they class themselves as nerds (which isnt a bad thing). Rob happens to be a good friend of mine, who I met online about 3 years ago and he's actually helped me get away from the n00b stage of using the internet. By n00b I mean stopped me typing like a fucking retard but I dont like to admit this.

So I urge you all, yet again, to check out the site. If you're evil or like self proclaimed 'evil' people, then EvilCON is just for you! Forgotten the name already? EvilCON is the name. Make your way there NOW! go, go, go and as ever, I'll be polite by saying thank you, please

My return

I'm not going to bore you with long winded details. I'm back after being gone for a few days due to family matters. I'm upset, pissed off and tired of it all but I'll soldier through! To make matters worse, I forgot to buy cat food. So my cat is driving me mad and refuses to eat the tuna I opened for her. Stuck up bitch! She doesnt know when she's got it good! (I love her really)

So, anyway....I'm back!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

I Miss Jen :(

The blog is probably gonna be a bit slow, with Jen away and all. I really have trouble finding things to put on here. But I'll give it my best.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Exploit on eBay's own sign in page

A bug in the eBay website has allowed fraudsters to launch a phishing attack using the online auction site’s own sign in page, security experts have warned.

Read about it here

Bali bombing

In case no one has heard about it for has heard but hasnt read anything about it, you can here.
22 people are thought to be dead from the three bombs plus the three suicide bombers. There's a eyewitness video included with that link. The guy was filming in the restaurant when one of the bombs went off. I watched it on the news. All I'll say is fucking hell!

A pain in the eye

Anyone with contact lenses will know that you NEVER sleep with your lenses in. I broke this fundamental rule. Now I'm paying for it.

When I woke this morning, I felt a sharp pain on my eye and immediately started to panic. My first thought was that my lens had slipped up my eye and half of it was lodged down the back (this has happened before and I had to head up to A&E) but then I spotted a dried up blue thing beside me. Here was my blue tinted lens lying on my bed. So I got more worried! I sat for 30 minutes massaging my eye with my eyelid to see if something was stuck anywhere. Maybe an eyelash...nothing. The pain has since died down but I cant put a spare lens in because it hurts like hell, which means I'm partly blind in my right eye. I'll have to head to my optician tomorrow to make sure it's all fixed by tuesday so that when I leave my home for Orlando on wednesday, I'm not going to be blind and getting headaches and also one eye wont be less blue than the other. It's never ending for me these days

Thursday, September 29, 2005

A question for every visitor!

After watching Dawn Of The Dead, Day Of The Dead and now the remake of Dawn Of The Dead, I decided to ask some of my fellow IRC users a question. Now I've decided to ask my fellow bloggers the very same question. I would be very grateful if you could leave me your replies. It's actually very interesting to find out what others would do. Here's the question:-

In bizaro world...say the dawn of the dead happened. Flesh eating zombies were attacking every city. People you've know all your life are now dead and killing people. Imagine you're in that situation...What would you do to survive? Would you save yourself or would you help others along the way? What would you do for food? Would you search for loved ones?

Here are some answers:-
(+phobos) whatever I had to
(+phobos) rule #1: aim for the head
(+phobos) rule #2: KILL INFECTED PEOPLE
(+phobos) rule #3: don't travel with cripples or people that can't fend for themselves
(@nenni) would you stay at home?
(+phobos) unless it was compromised or I learned of a safer area
(@nenni) if you did learn of a safer area, would you save others?
(+phobos) save others?
(+phobos) if they weren't going to slow me down
(+phobos) or if they were armed
(+phobos) anything that would increase my own chances for survival
(@nenni) what would you do for food?
(+phobos) you can safely assume that any zombie pandemic would be post-apocalyptic so I ain't worried about getting any heroic medals
(+phobos) depends where I end up
(+phobos) if I moved from my house, it would be someplace I would have vital necessities
(+phobos) a convenience store or something
(+phobos) the only thing you can really do is wait it out

(+Ratt) i'd probably end up just killing myself if it happened

(user) its an interesting question
(nenni) mhm
(user) find an island
(user) I bet zombies aint good swimmers
(nenni) lol
(nenni) would you save others?
(user) it depends if they would be usefull in defending my island fortress or not
(user) though friends and relatives I would

Who wants to see my new tattoo????

Too bad, you're all gonna see it!!!! :D:D:D
I LOVE IT! Didn't hurt a bit, I had to keep looking to make sure he was touching the skin! Hurt a tiny bit over the wrist bone, but only for a split second. I reckon he did a fantastic job! The picture really doesnt do it justice though. Oh well!


Tomorrow at 9am I have to give blood to test the sugar in my blood. Which means fasting after 10pm the night before..

I would just like to say something..I'M SO FUCKING HUNGRY! I've been busy all day and not had much time to eat anything. My friends asked me around for dinner. I get there and they didnt wait for me. So I've had nothing to eat today, I cant drink any soda/juice. Water only and it's driving me insane. I felt the need to post this because I cant stop thinking about it! I have grilled steak noodles in the kitchen just begging to be cooked and eaten. I have diet coke at the side of my chair just calling my name for me to drink it. I dont think I can last . I'll need to head to bed early just to stop thinking about it. ARGH....this isnt fair =(

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Horror Movies V4

I know it's soon after my last horror movie update but here are some more.
This is carrying on from previous posts Version 1, V2 and V3. Enjoy:-

Silent Hill: There's a Sean Bean interview to read here. Filming is just about finished. Then it'll enter post-production, where the special effects will be put in place.

Saw II: There's a new poster out for this, which can be viewed here and a new trailer, which can be viewed here.

I Am Legend: Now this I cant wait for! It's based on the Richard Matheson novel of the same name, which has already been told in two movies. The Last Man On Earth (1964) and The Omega Man (1971). I read this book when I was 13/14 and have loved it ever since. The book is about Robert Neville, the last living man on Earth and his survival against a world full of vampires. The movie is said to be an adaption, set in Los Angeles after a biological war, where a sole healthy survivor finds himself in a battle against nocturnal mutants. I love the idea of this. Having never seen the first two movies before or after reading the novel, I cant comment on them but I sure will have a comment after seeing this movie. It probably wont start filming till 2006. So I have a long wait. (all news and updates taken from

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Horror Movies V3

So, it continues with more news. I did a search and found out about more horror movies either in talks or ones that didnt make it to the script stage. So we start off with :-

Blair Witch 3: This is a prequel of the first film and it's expected to set in 1786 where the legend originated. This film chronicles the events that led to the township of Blair driving an accused witch named Elizabeth Kedward into the woods, and the subsequent hauntings that plaqued the town for decades after her supposed death. My'll most likely suck. As I've said before, I don't like most remakes and hate prequel movies even more. There's only ever been prequel movie that I've liked (if you could call it a prequel) and that was The Scorpion King. So if this does get off the ground, I think I'll wait to see it either on TV or at someone's house.

The Hills Have Eyes: This is a remake of Wes Craven's 1977 movie. The story follows a suburban American family who take a trip cross-country, but after their trailer breaks down in the New Mexico desert, they are preyed upon by a family of deformed hill people. This is set for a March 2006 release and some of the cast include Tom Bower, Ezra Buzzington and Dan Byrd

The Ring 3: There's no plot of this movie yet but the script is being worked on. It could go down the line of the Japanese version. In the third installment in the Japanese trilogy of Ringu, the third film was actually a prequel called Ring: 0, that details Sadako's life before her death. I've still yet to see The Ring 2 but I did like the first and now own it. With The Ring 2 being a sequel, I'm in no hurry to see it but I have been told it's good..We'll soon see. The Ring 3 maybe being a prequel...see above for my comment on those.

Now, while searching the website I get info from, I came across a section about horror movies that never happened. Some could still be made but talks have faulted or script writing has taken a break..I came across this:-

Freddy Vs Jason 2: According to an interview with Robert Englund, the man himself wanted to swing by a couple ideas to the execs which would possibly bring a couple other horror icons in the mix. Of course the project isn't happening anymore, but it's an interesting read as to what he had in mind. Read it all here

I didnt really see much of interest. I keep checking to bring you news of interest. I'll do my best to keep it up. Make sure to keep checking back! (all info is taken from

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Take on life

Today, after getting a new car, I decided to go out driving. While driving about I stopped in by some old friends. I'm kind of wished I hadnt now.

Things always change in life. People change, situations change...I know this but you always cling to the thought that it'll be just how it was. Some of my friends have started taking more drugs than they did before and if you're not doing the same as them, then you're an outsider. Cast to the side. Left alone until you either do the same or walk away. Today, I walked away...again and I'm actually heartbroken about it. My friends and I have been through so much over the years. One in particular, Michelle, who took me in when I was homeless, gave me the support I needed when my dad died, when my mum and I stopped communicating, when I was at my lowest and needed to seek help. The one person who I helped overcome countless amount of miscarriages, her drink problem, her abuse problem from when she was a child, her kids being taken away from her for awhile. Then trying to helping her come off Heroin. I tried on 4 separate occasions to help her get clean and she kept going back, till she finally told me not to help her anymore. Should I have stayed and been the rock she needed? Am I to blame for now being an outsider because I actually walked away when she asked me to?

I know I dont want to be mixed up in their drug scene again. I've done my share of drugs over the years. I didnt want to get back into that but I shouldnt be punished for that, should I? I'm only human after all. I cried in my car for awhile because of it all. I lost part of my heart tonight. What is this shit you're probably asking? It's how I think. It's who I am. Minus my one solid rock...Michelle

Friday, September 23, 2005

Still nothing to do

This is getting beyond a joke! The boredom factor today took me to a Japanese site where I ended up learning some words. I've always wanted to learn Japanese and Spanish. So, I started with Japanese. Now dont quote me on the sayings I'm about to post. They might be wrong in some way..Remember, I'm just learning! If anyone reads this and I've done something wrong, please post a comment and let me know..

So, I learned how to say:-
hello = konnichiwa
you're welcome = doo itashimashite
thank you = arigatoo
thank you = arigatougozaimasu
thank you very much = domo arigatougozaimasu
welcome = irasshi
yes, thank you = un arigatoo
yes = hai
no = lie
please = doozo
please = onegaishimasu
goodnight = oyasuminasai
goodbye = sayonara
goodbye 2 = ittekimaus
moshi moshi = hello on the telephone
I've been driving people crazy on IRC with my new learnings and I shall carry on doing so. I'm going to carry on learning more stuff and then I'll start on spanish!

Finding something to do

I have this problem when I get really bored. I search for ages trying to find something to do and to post about but I'm lacking all creative inspiration at the moment. I need a muse!

Saying that, I did make south park pictures of myself. I made about 6 but I think this is the best one. Everyone should make one of themselves and you can find a link to do so on the blogroll.

I now face a problem...I have nothing to do now! I could chat on IRC to others but I cant be bothered holding a conversation. I could play a game on yahoo but I cant find anything of interest. I could clear stuff off my computer but that's more boring than being bored. I could go to bed but I'm not that tired and cant be bothered with my puppy licking my feet (just yet anyway). I could pick one of my 146 dvd's to watch but in all honesty...I've had a dvd playing over and over again and I'm not even paying attention to it. This is the net. I shouldnt really be bored, should I? I've already spent most of the day on blogexplosion. Looks like I might be heading back to look more. God, I'm so boring. No wonder I'm still single!