Thursday, September 29, 2005


Tomorrow at 9am I have to give blood to test the sugar in my blood. Which means fasting after 10pm the night before..

I would just like to say something..I'M SO FUCKING HUNGRY! I've been busy all day and not had much time to eat anything. My friends asked me around for dinner. I get there and they didnt wait for me. So I've had nothing to eat today, I cant drink any soda/juice. Water only and it's driving me insane. I felt the need to post this because I cant stop thinking about it! I have grilled steak noodles in the kitchen just begging to be cooked and eaten. I have diet coke at the side of my chair just calling my name for me to drink it. I dont think I can last . I'll need to head to bed early just to stop thinking about it. ARGH....this isnt fair =(

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RockFromDot said...

That sucks...