Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The day from hell

I dont think I've ever bitched on here. So here is a little bitch from me!

The day from hell, Tuesday 21st Sept, started off with me only having 4 hours sleep, which I dont actually mind. Something good kept me awake =) then carried on with me heading for my doctors appointment and being told I have the start of a bad skin rash, which is leading to me having to give a fasting blood sample at a very early time in the morning (which I'm in protest about) It then carried on with me having to spend time with my Gran, who is the salt of the earth but seriously needs killing at times and it makes matter worse that she shouts at my puppy for getting in her feet. HE'S A PUPPY, FOR CHRISTS SAKE! I then had trouble getting the daktacort cream, for my rash, from the pharmacist. So i have to suffer till tomorrow

The day from hell is about to get worse...On friday last week, my car broke down and it's been sitting out in the middle of nowhere since. Today, I managed to find someone to help me tow my car back beside my apartment/flat. He then had a look under the hood and uttered the words that sank me. "your car is fucked!" It seems that with my car overheating on friday, it's totally ruined my engine. Everything is fried. To get someone to fix it would cost a bomb. I could get a second hand engine but it'll still cost more than the car is worth (yes, my car is kind of a bucket of shit) So I've had to make the painful decision to scrap my car and look for a new one. I've not had it long and I didnt pay anything for it. It was given to me by a friend. Now I know why! So there's my day from hell. My little bitch. Boring, eh?


Dawn said...

wow that really was a day from hell! sorry i hope tomorrow is better!

nenni said...

thank you =( fingers crossed things get better!