Friday, September 23, 2005

Still nothing to do

This is getting beyond a joke! The boredom factor today took me to a Japanese site where I ended up learning some words. I've always wanted to learn Japanese and Spanish. So, I started with Japanese. Now dont quote me on the sayings I'm about to post. They might be wrong in some way..Remember, I'm just learning! If anyone reads this and I've done something wrong, please post a comment and let me know..

So, I learned how to say:-
hello = konnichiwa
you're welcome = doo itashimashite
thank you = arigatoo
thank you = arigatougozaimasu
thank you very much = domo arigatougozaimasu
welcome = irasshi
yes, thank you = un arigatoo
yes = hai
no = lie
please = doozo
please = onegaishimasu
goodnight = oyasuminasai
goodbye = sayonara
goodbye 2 = ittekimaus
moshi moshi = hello on the telephone
I've been driving people crazy on IRC with my new learnings and I shall carry on doing so. I'm going to carry on learning more stuff and then I'll start on spanish!

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