Monday, September 18, 2006

Book review

Thirty years after his death, Marsden Hexcamp's ‘Art of the Final Moment’ remains as sought after as ever. But this is no ordinary collection. Hexcamp's portfolio was completed with the aid of a devoted band of acolytes – and half a dozen victims, each of whom was slowly tortured to death so that their final agonies could be distilled into art.
When tiny scraps of Hexcamp's ‘art’ begin appearing at murder scenes alongside gruesomely displayed corpses, Detective Carson Ryder and his partner Harry Nautilus must go back three decades in search of answers.
Meanwhile an auction has been announced and the death collectors are gathering. These wealthy connoisseurs of serial-killer memorabilia will pay millions to acquire Hexcamp's art – unless Carson and Harry can beat them in their quest for the anti-grail.

This book is fantastic. Written by the author Jack Kerley, and one in a series of Detective Carson Ryder stories, it kept me hooked. Although it took me awhile to read, (not because of the book and story itself but because of things going on with myself), every new chapter got me wanting more, and I must admit that sometimes the story did drag a little. With very little new information being told to you. Dispite this, I suggest that the next time you're looking for a book to read, pick up a copy of this. The story before this edition is called The Hundredth Man and from what I can gather, the next edition is called The Broken Souls. With another novel called A Garden of Vipers. I'll be buying The Hundredth Man this week. Jack Kerley has now taken place next to Patricia Cornwell in my must buy books.

One of my fav movie quotes

It's shite being Scottish!! We're the lowest of the low. The scum of the fucking earth! The most wretched, miserable, servile pathetic trash that was ever shat into civilisation!. Some people hate the English. I don't. They're just wankers. We, on the other hand, are colonised by wankers. Can't even find a decent culture to be colonised by. We're ruled by effete arseholes! It's a shite state of affairs to be in, Tommy, and all the fresh air in the world wont make any fucking difference!! - Renton, Trainspotting

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bevelled Glass designs

When talking about the Lonach Gathering I attend most years, I'm sure I mentioned that there are stalls selling all sorts of things. After much searching on the web, I have found the site ran by one woman who I've bought a couple of beautiful Bevelled Glass designs from (as pictured at the left)

These suncatchers crate the most beautiful rainbow effect when shining through the bevelled glass. You need to hang them somwhere that the sunlight reflects for most of the day. I don't own one myself...YET...but I'm sure to find out if what is said is true, after I bought one for Luna =)

Wendy Goode, the designer, has been living in Scotland now for 4 years. She makes these suncatchers, mirrors and feathered pins. She uses different feathers for each design. The website is well worth a look and if you love the designs, you could be tempted to buy something. I've spotted something I want and I'm going to place an order after posting here.


I was watching something the other night, while suffering on my mum's sofa, called the Worlds Most Extreme TV Shows...or something like that...and I agree that some of the shows were extreme. Shows like Who's the Daddy? in the US. A woman, who is searching for her father, has to try and pick out which guy she thinks is her father. Some of the guys are actors and her actual father is there too, or a shows called Cheaters, where people are told about their cheating partners and then they face these partners and the person they are cheating with. The host was stabbed when he took a GF to face her cheating BF. Doesnt sound extreme huh? But those are only 2 of the shows mentioned. Some were really over the top. I'm getting to my rant, I promise!
There were shows from all over the world and they just happened to mention a show that was on TV here in the UK. It started off as Anatomy for Beginners and when it returned, it was Autopsy: Life and Death and it was about it's title. An Autopsy of a human body that was donated for medical research. The first show included subjects on movement, circulation, digestion and reproduction and the second show concentrated on subjects such as circulation, cancer, poisoning and ageing.

They cut open different human bodies and showed you all the different organs. Telling you about how any virus/infection could effect you, how you can die from them and how different muscles work in your body. They sliced a brain into bits and showed you the different parts of it. In my opinion, it was bloody brilliant! My rant? It's about how people complained about it! WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT IT?! It was educational!!! And to class it as extreme? shut the fuck up! If you don't like things like that, then switch channels. Don't bloody watch it. Don't sit there and say "OH. I don't like this but I think I'll watch it and then go complain about it"

For me, it was educational. It helped me explain to my gran what had happened to her when she had her mini stroke. I was able to explain to her about the blockage they said she had in her brain. If the show hadnt been on and I didnt take time out to watch it, I wouldnt have understood much about her mini stroke. There's only so much you can learn in school or from books. To actually watch them cut someone open and show you what you look like from the inside, was fascinating. No body was cut open without having the permission from the donor and their family. The donors face was covered. Dispite what people think, my opinion is that it was tastefully done, it was educational and extremely interesting. So to all the people who thought to complain about it..SHUT THE FUCK UP AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, CHANGE CHANNELS! Some people in this world want to learn about the human body in a way that doesnt involve books. That's my rant of the day over with lol

Friday, September 08, 2006

Another legendary Aussie passes away tragically

Nine-times Bathurst 1000 winner and Australian motor racing legend Peter Brock has been killed while competing in the Targa West Tarmac Rally in Western Australia.
Brock was partnered by Mick Hone in the race and they were competing in a Daytona Coupe.
Hone has been taken to hospital in a stable condition.
The West Australian Police Major Crash Squad has confirmed the car collided with a tree after going off a road near Gidgegannup, in Perth's north-east.
The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) said the accident occurred at approximately 11:50am (WST).
CAMS will conduct a full investigation into the incident and at the moment event officials are working with relevant civil authorities.
The Targa West Rally began in Perth yesterday and takes place over four days and is divided into two categories - competition and challenge.
His co-driver Mick Hone was injured but conscious as they rushed him to hospital
Hone's son, Justin said Peter's death has come as a shock.
"To hear my father is okay, you feel good for that but so awful for Peter and his family," he said.
Prime Minister John Howard said Peter would be remembered as a legend.
"I was shocked and saddened to hear of Peter Brock's death," Mr Howard said.
"The removal of Brockie takes away a legend of motor racing in Australia."
Opposition Leader Kim Beazley said Brock was an example off the track to aspiring race car drivers.
"Peter Brock's commitment to road safety has also had a significant influence on all Australians," he said.
Brock was born in Melbourne in 1945 and dominated Australian motor sport for the past three decades.
His great-great-uncle, Henry James, was a founder of the RACV and organised Australia's first motor sport event - the 1905 Sydney to Melbourne reliability trial.
In 1969, the manager of the newly formed Holden Dealer Team, Harry Firth, gave Brock his break with an offer to drive at Bathurst in a Monaro GTS 350.
Brock won his first Bathurst title in 1972 driving solo in a Torana XU1.
He was nicknamed "Peter Perfect" and later became known as the "King of the Mountain" after his success in the endurance races at Bathurst.
In 1997, Brock retired from full-time V8 Supercars racing and launched the Peter Brock Foundation, which provides support to a wide range of community programs.
Last year, Brock separated from his wife Beverly after 28 years of marriage but they remained close friends.
The 61-year-old is survived but his three children - Jamie, Robert and Alexandria.

Such a tragedy. 2 of Australia's legends have passed away tragically in the last four days. All I can think is "Who's going to be next?" Brockie, you'll always be King of the Mountain. RIP 05

Secret Liverpool Olympic bid revealed

Secret Liverpool Olympic bid revealed
2012 Olympics

We have recently received a leaked document regarding Liverpool making a shock bid to host the year 2012 Olympic Games. In an attempt to influence the members of the International Olympic committee on their choice of venues for the games in 2012, the organisers of Liverpool's bid had drawn up an itinerary and schedule of their own details which are detailed below.

- Opening Ceremony -A petrol bomb, thrown into the arena by a native of the Toxteth area, wearing the traditional costume of balaclava and shellsuit will ignite the Olympic flame.
- The Events -In previous Olympics Liverpool's competitors have not been particularly successful. In order to redress the balance some of the events have been altered slightly to the advantage of the local athletes.
- 100 Metres Sprint -Competitors will have to hold a DVD player and a microwave oven (one under each arm) and on the sound of a starting pistol a police dog will be released 10 metres behind the athletes.
- 110 Metres Hurdles -As above but with added obstacles, i.e. car bonnets, hedges, gardens, fences, walls etc.
- Hammer -The competitors are allowed the choice of hammer (Claw, Sledge etc.) The winner will be the one who can cause the most grievous bodily harm to members of the public within their allotted time.
- Weightlifting -From a standing position competitors will have various electronic goods placed in their arms. In order to complete a lift these items must be taken through a shop door and placed in a mate's van.
- Fencing -Entrants will be asked to dispose of as much stolen jewelry as possible within 5 minutes.
- Shooting -A series of targets will be set up to establish the competitor's ability over a range of disciplines. The targets are to be as follows:

A Moving Police Van
A Post Office Clerk
A Bank Teller or Securicor Driver
Their next door neighbour.
The Local Vicar

NB the 4th target to be followed by the ritual cry of "I thought he was a Bizzy" or "He pulled a knife on me"
- Boxing -Entry to be restricted to husband and wife teams and will take place on every Friday and Saturday night of the games. The husband will be given 15 pints of Stella and the wife will be told not to make him any tea when he gets home. The bout will then commence.
- Cycling Time Trials -Competitors will be asked to break into the Liverpool University bike shed and take an expensive mountain bike owned by some Mummy's Boy from the country on his first trip away from home against the clock.
- Cycling Pursuit -As above however this time the break in must occur at Liverpool Police Station and must be witnessed by an officer.
- Time Trial -The competitor who can waste the most of the courts valuable time before being found guilty will be adjudged the winner.
- Modern Pentathlon -Amended to include mugging, breaking and entry, flashing, joyriding and arson.
- The Marathon -A safe route has yet to be decided, but the competitors will be issued with sharp sticks and bags with which to pick up dog shit, crisp packets and used hypodermic syringes on their way round.
- Men's 50km Walk -Q. Why does the Mersey run through Liverpool?A. Because if it walked it would get mugged. Therefore for safety reasons this event has been cancelled.
- Relay -Each of four competitors to remove an appliance of their choice from a house in Cheshire and get it back to Liverpool using at least four different stolen cars.
- Archery -Each competitor will be given 3 needles, the winner will be the person who gets nearest to three different main veins in their own body.
- Discus -Will be decided by which contestant can get a hubcap off a car and throw it to his mate in the fastest time.

In addition the following exhibition events designed at promoting the local culture will be introduced.

- Pillow Eating -The contestant who can get the most pillow in their mouth after their 18 stone cellmate takes a shine to them will be adjudged the winner.
- Graffiti -To be decided on whom can spray the most obscenities on a neighbours wall in five minutes.
NB In order not to disadvantage local competitors marks will not be deducted for spelling mistakes.
- Baseball -Each competitor will be given a stainless steel baseball bat. Last person-standing wins.
- Closing Ceremony -In an attempt to capture the timeless beauty of Liverpool, competitors will be chased across Stanley Park by Knife wielding locals. They will then scatter to the four corners of the City to find their car aerial ripped off, driver side window broken and stereo liberated, with no sign of the lad who charged two quid to look after their motor. Their assailants will return to the park providing a riot of colour and sound as their shellsuits converge.

The Olympic Flame (if still in place) will be extinguished by eight Scallywags forming a circle and urinating on it. The closing speech will consist of the words "everyone in Liverpool's a natural comedian you know" and no one will laugh. Each visitor will be hugged on exiting the stadium and will return home to find their wallet missing.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin 1962-2006

Australian naturalist and television personality Steve Irwin has been killed by a stingray during a diving expedition off the Australian coast.
Mr Irwin, 44, died after being struck in the chest by the stingray's barb while he was filming a documentary in Queensland's Great Barrier Reef.
Read the rest of the story here.

Test the nation 2006

For anyone living in the UK that hasnt been living under a rock for the past few years, will know about the show on BBC1 every year called Test the Nation. The latest test the nation was aired on Saturday night and with little else to do that night, my mum and I sat the test. I was surprised with my result!
You have to answer 70 questions on observation, understanding, logic, puzzle solving and perception, with a time limit to each question.

If you have some spare time and want to test your IQ. Maybe even sit it for a laugh, then click here and test away. You'll need flash player for the graphical version of the test.

My result? I answered 56 of the 70 questions correct. Which makes my IQ 122. Hard to believe, I know but I do surprise people.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

neighbour from hell

I think I've talked before about one of my neighbours. In short, she tried to get into my house after she was woken up by my cat knocking over a box at 4am. She made a threat to "do me in" and she's glued my front door lock twice this year. Once when I was inside my house and the other when I was away for the weekend. Had to get the council to break me into my own flat. Well, in the local newspaper, last year, there was a story about how she had been involved in a fight with a doctors wife. It happened outside my building (while I was away for the weekend). I was annoyed that I wasnt there to see it happening but yesterday my mum showed me a story involving this neighbour. Brightened up my day, so it did!

A Woman at the centre of a love triangle with a doctor has admitted attacking a police officer. Nicola Beattie had previously assaulted Dr John Paterson's wife and pulled out a clump of her love rival's hair. The 31-year-old was eventually admonished for the assault on 54-year-old Audrey Paterson. But Beattie was back in the dock at Aberdeen Sheriff Court for another incident at the GP's new home in Ferryhill.
Beattie, of *** *********** *****, refused to leave the property on June 8 this year and shouted and swore. She also attacked and injured a police officer at the home, kicking him on the body. Beattie, represented by solicitor David Sutherland, admitted breach of the peace, assault and her previous convictions.
Sheriff Annella Cowan said she would have to call for background reports and deferred sentence until the end of the month. Asked later if she was still in a relationship with Dr Paterson, whom she met about four years ago, Beattie spat out a four-letter word and refused to comment further. She was the doctor's girlfriend when she attacked his wife at their marital home in the suburb of Kingswells in April last year. Police had already been called to the property when Beattie, who was about to leave, lunged at her victim in the early hours of the morning.
Beattie was also charged with breaking the peace by threatening to kill the doctor's wife. Her not guilty plea to that charge was accepted. The court previously heard that it was understood the marriage was over and the doctor, in his 50s, was to be leaving his home in Kingswells. Beattie was ordered to behave for six months and later escaped any punishment when she was admonished for keeping her side of the bargain. It also emerged that Dr Paterson's wife took out a court order against him and claimed he had been banned from verbally abusing her.
AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Now I cant wait to see her outside in the street. I'll most likely laugh in her face!