Sunday, September 03, 2006

neighbour from hell

I think I've talked before about one of my neighbours. In short, she tried to get into my house after she was woken up by my cat knocking over a box at 4am. She made a threat to "do me in" and she's glued my front door lock twice this year. Once when I was inside my house and the other when I was away for the weekend. Had to get the council to break me into my own flat. Well, in the local newspaper, last year, there was a story about how she had been involved in a fight with a doctors wife. It happened outside my building (while I was away for the weekend). I was annoyed that I wasnt there to see it happening but yesterday my mum showed me a story involving this neighbour. Brightened up my day, so it did!

A Woman at the centre of a love triangle with a doctor has admitted attacking a police officer. Nicola Beattie had previously assaulted Dr John Paterson's wife and pulled out a clump of her love rival's hair. The 31-year-old was eventually admonished for the assault on 54-year-old Audrey Paterson. But Beattie was back in the dock at Aberdeen Sheriff Court for another incident at the GP's new home in Ferryhill.
Beattie, of *** *********** *****, refused to leave the property on June 8 this year and shouted and swore. She also attacked and injured a police officer at the home, kicking him on the body. Beattie, represented by solicitor David Sutherland, admitted breach of the peace, assault and her previous convictions.
Sheriff Annella Cowan said she would have to call for background reports and deferred sentence until the end of the month. Asked later if she was still in a relationship with Dr Paterson, whom she met about four years ago, Beattie spat out a four-letter word and refused to comment further. She was the doctor's girlfriend when she attacked his wife at their marital home in the suburb of Kingswells in April last year. Police had already been called to the property when Beattie, who was about to leave, lunged at her victim in the early hours of the morning.
Beattie was also charged with breaking the peace by threatening to kill the doctor's wife. Her not guilty plea to that charge was accepted. The court previously heard that it was understood the marriage was over and the doctor, in his 50s, was to be leaving his home in Kingswells. Beattie was ordered to behave for six months and later escaped any punishment when she was admonished for keeping her side of the bargain. It also emerged that Dr Paterson's wife took out a court order against him and claimed he had been banned from verbally abusing her.
AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Now I cant wait to see her outside in the street. I'll most likely laugh in her face!


DaNi3L said...

lmao i can't blame you for wanting to laugh at her after all the crap she's put you thru lol

I hope she learns from her mistakes and learns to be a better person

nenni said...

From what I've seen tonight, she hasnt learned anything at all. She was out in the street shouting at anyone who passed by on foot or by car :|