Sunday, October 30, 2005

The white stuff

I'm back and in the worst mood ever. Thursday was the day of my birthday and it (excuse the language) fucking sucked ass! Birthdays get worse as you get older. Aint that the truth? Birthdays as kids was the best. You couldnt wait to get to bed so you could wake up the next morning but then you couldnt sleep because you were too excited (or was that just me?) Now you wake up and it's just an ordinary, monotonous day where you get cards and some people try to give heart felt wishes...

Anyway, Thurs I ended up at my mum's where I got so drunk with a couple of friends, and woke the next day with the worst hangover I've ever had. I spent most of Friday on the couch feeling sorry for myself. Saturday started off a little better but I was feeling a little rough. I put it down to the hangover but it's worse than that...Saturday evening I started coughing really bad. So bad that I gave myself a headache. I think I've either got a really bad cold or it's bronchitis again. I think that latter because it's all so similar to how I felt awhile back. I dont want it to be bronchitis. I went through a really bad time with that. I've got the doctor tomorrow. Fingers crossed it's not that again.

Reading this doesnt make much sense. Is it just me? I cant be bothered changing anything about this post. It stays as it is so I can look back and say to myself "GODDAMN, JEN. You type the most utter bullshit when you're feeling like poop" Plus, the topic of the post has nothing what-so-ever to do with what I typed about the past few days. I couldnt think of a good topic. So I called it after something close by..I spotted my milk carton and it says "the white stuff" on it. So the topic was born, so shall it be

Another rant..

Why do people have to be such assholes? My sister does a party plan thing, its clothes and underwear, so to help her out, I thought I'd have a party for her. My best friend wanted some clothes too, and seeing as though she had very few people to invite to her own party, I said that we could combine our parties, and split the benefits. You know, do the right thing and all. I shouldn't have bothered. The party's today, and she's invited no one. I really don't have people to invite either, but she said she'd invite her mum, and her best friend's mum and a couple of other people. She informs me last night that she didn't invite these people because she knew they wouldn't come. Now, I've got 3 outside orders already...and the other people coming to the party are going to order too..all MY friends. So basically, why should i split the profits with her, if she's not going to have people ordering off her?
Anyway, I'm running around like the proverbial blue arsed fly, cleaning the house (not that its majorly dirty, just the usual stuff) making food for afternoon tea, and she tells me she can only stay an hour. WTF?? I'm having this party for HER, and I'm doing all the fucking work, and she's getting away with doing nothing. I feel like calling the whole damn thing off. I should really, but for MY friends coming over.
I won't go on about how my sister's being a bitch, anyone that knows me knows about my sister. Suffice to say, I'm having this party for her too, so she can get profits, and help her out a bit, and the bitch can't even talk to me civilly. I'm sick of being used. And if she starts on me today, all hell will break loose, I don't care who's there.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Some people are strange..

Sitting in chat this afternoon, minding my own business, and i get an IM on google talk. Now it's usually only Jen and Danny that IM me, and I knew Jen was in bed. I thought..what does Danny want now?? lol just kidding Danny. Anyway, to my surprise, Rob IM's me with this link. Cracked me the hell up. Hope you enjoy it too.

Birthday time

Today, I'm older than before. I wont reveal my age (a lady never tells) but I feel old now and it's only 1 hour and 37 minutes into my birthday!

I'll be gone for a few days. I'm spending some time with my mother. I'm leaving you in the capable hands of Luna. Who may I add, sends kick ass birthday e-cards!! Thank you again, sweetie.

I'd like all birthday presents and cards sent to nenni00@gm....ahaha just kidding. All of you take care and I'll cya when I get back.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Halloween is upon us, so I've decided to add a couple halloween clipart pictures to the blog. I managed to stop myself going overboard. I was going to change the whole colour of the blog template and font colours...thank god I decided not to. I would have got so pissed off over it. So, it's ended up with a pretty simple and small display.

I've also decided to post some ghost stories told to me by my late father. I'll get these up as soon as. I'll also post some spells that I know. Just simple ones for you guys to try on halloween night.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

A quiz for all to try

For the past day, Luna, myself and others from chat have been doing a quiz..linked to us by a chat member (who I shall kill after I complete the quiz). It consists of 30 levels BUT if you answer level 30 in the correct way, you can carry on for another 20 levels.

A few of us were stuck on level 44 for hours (yes, I am stupid. As some people have pointed out but I don't care!). I've since past that stage and am now stuck on level 49. You enter the answers into the URL. If your answer is incorrect, it directs you to another page. It's also rigged so you cant cheat on it all. Some of the answers for levels can vary to the answers others would get. Plus, if you try to link someone to a certain page that you're stuck on, it says "Please Do Not Cheat".

It's very addictive! I've given up a few times and gone back to carry on. You can't just leave it. You can play the quiz here and if needed, mark this post and you can come back and ask for help at any time. Luna and myself will gladly help anyone. We've needed some help along the way ourselves. Enjoy!

EDIT: I would just like to add that I have now finished the quiz!!!

You completede as number 153 (YAY!!!!!!!) I just wish Luna was here to finish it with me

Friday, October 21, 2005

New family edition

Tilly is the new edition to the family. My mum surprised me on wed with Tilly, a 6 week old, beautiful black lab. She's jet black apart from a tiny white patch on her bottom lip (seen in the photo) and a thin white patch on her chest. I've spent the last couple of days being chewed to bits and I'm minus a few strands of hair (all dogs take a shine to my hair and tend to only attack my hair even though there may be 20 people in the room with hair to chew)

She's all feet and tail. The tail never stops wagging and she's not quite figured out how to move her back legs in time with her front legs. I now have more reason to have fun at my mum's now

What the world has come to...

I can't find a news article on this, but today in court, a Perth man was found guilty and fined $750 for "child abuse" after smacking his daughter on the leg. His daughter was constantly pestering him for a lolly (a sweet) and she was throwing a massive tantrum. A family friend contacted police after seeing bruises on the little girl. (In the story on the TV news, I saw the photos, and I couldn't see any bruises)
Now, am I wrong in thinking this is ridiculous? How in the world can anyone say this is child abuse? When the ONLY way to get your child to stop throwing a tantrum is to smack them? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning beating up on children. But to give one smack, as the man said he did, and to get charged for it? I don't have children myself, but my sister does, and I've seen her struggling so hard not to smack her children. But sometimes, in circumstances, it's the only way you can stop them from throwing a fit. Honestly, what parent, or guardian, or babysitter, or whatever, hasn't given a child a smack on the hand when they're naughty? If they haven't, they've got great self control.
When I was growing up, I got belted with a wooden spoon, belt buckle, pretty much whatever was handy. I've had ashtrays, plates, glasses thrown at me by my mum. I don't necessarily agree with the discipline measures my mum doled out. But it was the only way she knew how. I know I won't do the same to my children, if I ever have them. But I will not hesitate in smacking my child if I see fit. Spare the rod and spoil the child. An old saying, but I think, if it was adhered to a little bit more, we wouldn't have the social problems we have today. I'd like to see how others feel about this. Feel free to reply.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I have to motivate myself

It's been nearly 4 months since Mum passed away. I've done all I can to fix up her affairs, all that I can think of anyway. The only thing I can't bring myself to finish is writing all the thank you cards out for the people that came to her funeral. I've done about half of them, but I just can't bring myself to complete them. It's like the final step, and I really can't face doing it. My dad and I had decided not to send out cards, but, with Italian families, there's the whole "doing the right thing" business. My mum's side of the family, well mainly her sisters, are saying that we have to do it, because it's the done thing. Yeah right, we really can afford to spend over $400 on these thank you cards. Theyre little cards, with the picture of the deceased on the front, a prayer inside, and their name, birthdate, date of death, and where they were born etc. I've counted up the amount of cards I would have had to send out, and it tops 100. So we decided not to do it, and to just get a generic thank you note. Found some really nice ones too. And for $3.95 a pack of 25, cheaper than the alternative. We're not cheapskates, just on the pension its hard. Basically, I think my aunties, well one of them in particular, wants these cards sent out because a lot of HER friends came to Mum's funeral, and it'll make HER look better to these snobby Italians if we did it. Well fuck that. I'm not going to do that just so she can look good in front of her friends. So half of those people have been cut off the mailing list. And if she says anything about it, I'll tell her to go to hell. None of them have even had the decency to come over to see how we're coping, not even a phone call, but we're expected to call THEM. Well, I'm sorry, but she was OUR mother, and wife. But, I could go on forever about my mum's side of the family. Thank god Dad's side is decent!
So anyway, I'm really gonna have to get started on the rest, even though I don't want to do it. Maybe I just dont want closure yet, I dunno. But I really can't let it go on any longer. Argh!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Snooker result

Scotland's John Higgins put on a record-breaking display as he blew away Ronnie O'Sullivan 9-2 in the final of the Preston Grand Prix. Higgins set a new record for a ranking event of four centuries in a row to move 8-2 ahead and also posted a new mark of 494 unanswered points.

I watched this and it's the best game of snooker I've seen Higgins play in a long time. Not a lot of people like him and he has had some bad form the past few years but he was on fire! NO ONE has ever played four centuries in a row during any match, let alone in a ranking event.

Ronnie 'The Rocket' O'Sullivan was booed by the crowd when he entered the arena and most think it's because of his remarks the day before after playing Barry Hawkens. His comments of "snooker is boring" and that he "wished he was digging up roses instead" didnt go down well with most people who love the sport and while Higgins was clearing the table, he was sitting looking very bored! Next year he'll be in America playing pool...IMHO, I dont think he'll make anything of it but we'll wait and see.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

My model airplane making exploits

2 weekends ago, my sister kicked her boarder out of her house, finally. He left most of his junk at her house, so it was left to me to throw all the rubbish out. I came across a model airplane kit. I thought, well I might attempt to put it together. So I bought it home, and my dad, who's a model airplane NUT, said it was good. Anyway, he got the urge to head down to the hobby shop, and bought himself 2 models.
Now, Dad's a HUGE WWII plane fan. He likes the German and American planes mostly. He's built, from scratch, 3 model airplanes, from balsa wood, all hand crafted, they took him about 15 years in total. He's even made little engines that make the propellor and wings move! They're amazing, the 2 large ones wingspans are about 2 foot across.
So, today I decided I'd start on the model. The one we salvaged from my sisters house had half the pieces missing, so that got binned. I asked Dad if I could start on one of his. He let me, even though this is my first attempt at making one. Well, what fun! I got my superglue out, scissors, tweezers and magnifying glass out! Some of the pieces are tiny! But its great, I even get to paint all the little bits!
This is the picture of the model I'm working on. (This is the original plane, by the way! lol) Its called a Fi 156 C Storch, and if anyone's interested, this is a bit of info on the plane.
The Fieseler Fi 156C Storch is a fabric and steel lube constructed 3 place liaison aircraft, famous for its short take off and landing (STOL) characteristics. Used by the German forces throughout the second world war, the Fi156 was the reconnaissance aircraft used by Hitler, and the German Field Marshals and commanders for survey of the battle lines during the conflict. It also played the major role in a daring rescue of the imprisoned Italian dictator Benito Mussolini from a jagged mountain top by the famed German spy Otto Scorzny. The Storch operated much like helicopters do in the modern military of the world to day, in the capacity of Communications, observation, command, ambulance, rescue, VIP transport and agent insertion. The versatility made the Storch a popular aircraft, in constant demand over the entire German warfront. First built in 1939 and remaining in production throughout the war and after, more than 1,549 aircraft were produced. Its long fixed landing gear, and high wing planeform, gave the angular Fi156 the look of a landing insect at times. During the winter months, the Storch was fitted with skis, rather than wheels, so it could continue to operate over the battlefields in snowy weather. After the War, both France and Czechoslovakia continued production of this well known STOL aircraft.

Friday, October 14, 2005


A teenager is being treated for text messaging and e-mail addiction in what is believed to be the first case in Scotland. In the space of a year, the 19 year old spent £4,500 on text messaging. He was sending about 700 texts a week and he resigned from his job after bosses found out he had sent 8,000 e-mails in one month

WTF? Now, I send a lot of texts but I'm on a system where all my UK texts are free. Only over-seas costs me money. If this guy was so addicted then why didnt he get a package on a pay-as-you-go mobile? It would have at least saved him some money. The majority of his texts and e-mails where to his girlfriend. Now, if they ever spent time together, then why did he have to send so much? If they spent time together after work hours and stuff, then that must mean that all thoughs emails and texts were sent during the day...HOLY FUCKING SHIT!

Anyone reading this...ever been addicted to sending texts or e-mails and if so, how did you kick your habit?

The new James Bond

Daniel Craig is taking over the James Bond role in the 21st movie. A couple of movies that Daniel Craig, an english actor, has started in are Layer Cake and Tomb Raider along side Jolie.

You can read all about this here. My opinion?? No one will replace Sean Connery as Bond for me. He is James Bond!

I just about had a heart attack!


It's finally cool but I was having a heart attack..I thought all the hard work to get the blog as it is, had gone down the drain. So, through my panic state and trying to calm myself down once it did load right, I've managed to copy EVERYTHING to notepad, incase something bad does happen here.

What made it worse, was the overwhelming need I had to pee (TMI?) and the same need I have now. I'm off to the bathroom to try and figure out what the fuck happened! (oh and also to pee)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

New desktop

I just wanted to post this to show how hella cool my new desktop is.
I wont have this for long because my computer is going to my mum.

I apologize to anyone who is viewing this and doesnt like clowns. I don't mean to cause you any fear.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

bath time horror

I decided tonight to have a bath and to stay in it for about an hour! I got the water just right, got some candles burning and turned off the light. The beam of light from the livingroom and the candles suited me just fine. I did some girly things (shaving) and then climbed into the tub. The water was perfect and I was sure I would end up falling alseep.

I was lying there, thinking about being in a bathtub somewhere else, when out the corner of my eye, I spotted something moving. Now, as people who know me can verify..I hate creepy crawlies with a passion!!! It turns out that this moving thing on my bathroom wall was a spider. So now I'm laying there, scared to move incase this thing jumps on me and starts tearing at my flesh (I really hate spiders!) If this one spider wasnt enough to scare me, I spotted another one climbing down another wall (may I add that these walls are far away from the bath). So I start to do little girly scream sounds, which wakes up my puppy, Kip, who loves sleeping in the bathroom. He's now trying to jump up on the side of the bath to get to me, with his ears sticking up and trying to reach his head into the water. Then I had the idea of shouting on my cat, pyper, to come and eat said spiders. So I say her name and she comes to the bathroom door. I look at her and say "pyper, go eat the spiders!". She looks back at me, looks at kip, who's now standing with one foot on the side of the bath..staring at her..she meows at me, turns around and LEAVES! She left me in my hour of need!

By now I'm scared shitless at these HUGE spiders. They were fucking huge..the size of your palm..I swear on it! My now 'one hour bath' has turned into a '10 minute bath' because I'm now climbing out of the tub (very slowly) and reaching for my towel. Now, I'm by no means 'brave' but I reach for the toilet paper and start unrolling a lot of it. I catch one spider and throw the paper into the toilet. Now I have to catch the other but when I did, it kept moving. So now I'm standing in the middle of my bathroom, dancing about like Michael Flattley in the Lord Of The Dance, screaming like a little girl as I try to catch this spider. I finally did manage but then it STARTED TO CLIMB UP THE INSIDE OF THE TOILET TO GET TO ME. So I flush the toilet...IT STARTS TO CLIMB AGAIN, so I used about a whole bottle of toilet cleaner trying to kill it before I tried to flush it again. Both spiders are now gone but what a near death experience I had. I came out alive...maybe I wont next time!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

World Snooker

I'm in my mint!! The snooker Grand Prix started last week at the Preston Guildhall and now I have something to look forward to. So far Paul Hunter, John Parrott, Stephen Lee, Matthew Stevens and Mark Williams are some of the big names already out in the first round, with John Higgins, Jimmy White, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Ken Doherty and Peter Ebdon going through with ease. I'll keep posting updates on it for anyone interested. So, keep an eagle eye out!

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Every so often, when I have nothing to really post about, I plug some sites. I've plugged my partner in crime (although he'll deny any evil doing on his part and will maintain his innocence till the day he dies) and the one person who cracks me up with one liners... Anarchy's blog...Now it's the turn of rob.

Rob aka phobos shares a site with some old school friends and it's based on the group they formed at school called EvilCON. Some posts go way over my head because I'm basically stoopid but the intellectual/intelligent people of the net that happen to visit here from BE might find it of some interest (as I do but don't let rob know this!) You can check out the site by either clicking on EvilCON under the blogroll list or by clicking here! They were made famous by an article on New York Times and from what I know, or might be misguided into believing, they class themselves as nerds (which isnt a bad thing). Rob happens to be a good friend of mine, who I met online about 3 years ago and he's actually helped me get away from the n00b stage of using the internet. By n00b I mean stopped me typing like a fucking retard but I dont like to admit this.

So I urge you all, yet again, to check out the site. If you're evil or like self proclaimed 'evil' people, then EvilCON is just for you! Forgotten the name already? EvilCON is the name. Make your way there NOW! go, go, go and as ever, I'll be polite by saying thank you, please

My return

I'm not going to bore you with long winded details. I'm back after being gone for a few days due to family matters. I'm upset, pissed off and tired of it all but I'll soldier through! To make matters worse, I forgot to buy cat food. So my cat is driving me mad and refuses to eat the tuna I opened for her. Stuck up bitch! She doesnt know when she's got it good! (I love her really)

So, anyway....I'm back!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

I Miss Jen :(

The blog is probably gonna be a bit slow, with Jen away and all. I really have trouble finding things to put on here. But I'll give it my best.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Exploit on eBay's own sign in page

A bug in the eBay website has allowed fraudsters to launch a phishing attack using the online auction site’s own sign in page, security experts have warned.

Read about it here

Bali bombing

In case no one has heard about it for has heard but hasnt read anything about it, you can here.
22 people are thought to be dead from the three bombs plus the three suicide bombers. There's a eyewitness video included with that link. The guy was filming in the restaurant when one of the bombs went off. I watched it on the news. All I'll say is fucking hell!

A pain in the eye

Anyone with contact lenses will know that you NEVER sleep with your lenses in. I broke this fundamental rule. Now I'm paying for it.

When I woke this morning, I felt a sharp pain on my eye and immediately started to panic. My first thought was that my lens had slipped up my eye and half of it was lodged down the back (this has happened before and I had to head up to A&E) but then I spotted a dried up blue thing beside me. Here was my blue tinted lens lying on my bed. So I got more worried! I sat for 30 minutes massaging my eye with my eyelid to see if something was stuck anywhere. Maybe an eyelash...nothing. The pain has since died down but I cant put a spare lens in because it hurts like hell, which means I'm partly blind in my right eye. I'll have to head to my optician tomorrow to make sure it's all fixed by tuesday so that when I leave my home for Orlando on wednesday, I'm not going to be blind and getting headaches and also one eye wont be less blue than the other. It's never ending for me these days