Sunday, October 09, 2005


Every so often, when I have nothing to really post about, I plug some sites. I've plugged my partner in crime (although he'll deny any evil doing on his part and will maintain his innocence till the day he dies) and the one person who cracks me up with one liners... Anarchy's blog...Now it's the turn of rob.

Rob aka phobos shares a site with some old school friends and it's based on the group they formed at school called EvilCON. Some posts go way over my head because I'm basically stoopid but the intellectual/intelligent people of the net that happen to visit here from BE might find it of some interest (as I do but don't let rob know this!) You can check out the site by either clicking on EvilCON under the blogroll list or by clicking here! They were made famous by an article on New York Times and from what I know, or might be misguided into believing, they class themselves as nerds (which isnt a bad thing). Rob happens to be a good friend of mine, who I met online about 3 years ago and he's actually helped me get away from the n00b stage of using the internet. By n00b I mean stopped me typing like a fucking retard but I dont like to admit this.

So I urge you all, yet again, to check out the site. If you're evil or like self proclaimed 'evil' people, then EvilCON is just for you! Forgotten the name already? EvilCON is the name. Make your way there NOW! go, go, go and as ever, I'll be polite by saying thank you, please

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