Sunday, October 30, 2005

The white stuff

I'm back and in the worst mood ever. Thursday was the day of my birthday and it (excuse the language) fucking sucked ass! Birthdays get worse as you get older. Aint that the truth? Birthdays as kids was the best. You couldnt wait to get to bed so you could wake up the next morning but then you couldnt sleep because you were too excited (or was that just me?) Now you wake up and it's just an ordinary, monotonous day where you get cards and some people try to give heart felt wishes...

Anyway, Thurs I ended up at my mum's where I got so drunk with a couple of friends, and woke the next day with the worst hangover I've ever had. I spent most of Friday on the couch feeling sorry for myself. Saturday started off a little better but I was feeling a little rough. I put it down to the hangover but it's worse than that...Saturday evening I started coughing really bad. So bad that I gave myself a headache. I think I've either got a really bad cold or it's bronchitis again. I think that latter because it's all so similar to how I felt awhile back. I dont want it to be bronchitis. I went through a really bad time with that. I've got the doctor tomorrow. Fingers crossed it's not that again.

Reading this doesnt make much sense. Is it just me? I cant be bothered changing anything about this post. It stays as it is so I can look back and say to myself "GODDAMN, JEN. You type the most utter bullshit when you're feeling like poop" Plus, the topic of the post has nothing what-so-ever to do with what I typed about the past few days. I couldnt think of a good topic. So I called it after something close by..I spotted my milk carton and it says "the white stuff" on it. So the topic was born, so shall it be


LuNaMooN said...

I understood it fine! Makes heaps of sense. Birthdays suck. And they DO get worse as you get older!

nenni said...

I want no more birthdays..unless it's over in America. That's the only time I'll take back that statement!