Sunday, October 02, 2005

Bali bombing

In case no one has heard about it for has heard but hasnt read anything about it, you can here.
22 people are thought to be dead from the three bombs plus the three suicide bombers. There's a eyewitness video included with that link. The guy was filming in the restaurant when one of the bombs went off. I watched it on the news. All I'll say is fucking hell!


LuNaMooN said...

The bombings have been blamed on a radical Islamic terrorist group Jemmah Islamiah. They were responsible for the 2002 Bali bombings which killed 202, 88 of those Australian tourists. Reports from here are saying theyre targeting Westerners. They know that Bali is a top destination for Australian tourists, its close to home, and cheap. What theyre really achieving is nothing more than acts of cowardice. Anyway, 4 Australians have been confirmed dead, according to the latest reports. One young man from a country town in Western Australia, he was only 16. His father's in critical condition, airlifted to a hospital in Singapore, as is his younger daughter. The other victims were from a party of 60 from the town of Newcastle. Reports from tourists are saying that the Balinese were warning them not to go out on Friday and Saturday nights because there would be bombings. Federal police from Australia have gone over there, and are investigating the reports. The police have said the bombs were detonated by mobile phone, but its a new device theyre using.The bombs were full of ball bearings and nails to do the most damage. Australian tourists have been returning home by the thousands. Some people are saying they'll never return, some are saying the Balinese don't deserve this, and they'll return to help them out. The Balinese people rely mainly on tourist dollars to survive. The last bombings hit the economy really badly. As one man said "If we don't return, it's only letting the bastards win." Australian Islamic representatives are hoping this will not ruin the Australians faith in them, for they do not condone terrorism.

nenni said...

I've not listened or watched the news today so I'm behind all of it. Thank you sweetie. Now I'm up to date with it again. Hopefully I wont put off tourists going back or going there for the first time. I've heard it's a nice place to holiday and the bombings wouldnt put me off going to visit it in the future!

LuNaMooN said...

Ive never been to Bali myself, but plenty of my friends go. I've heard its absolutely gorgeous, cheap as anything to stay, and the shopping is brilliant, a lot of knock off stuff but pretty good quality, clothes, DVDs etc. The Balinese are basically a nice group, a lady I used to work with actually left her husband of 25 years to marry a Balinese. I dont think the bombings would stop me from going, but a LOT of people on the news are saying they won't go back.
I haven't heard anything yet this morning, I've just woken up, but if I hear of anything more, I'll post it here. I think us Aussies would get more of a news coverage than anywhere else. So I'll keep you all informed.