Sunday, October 02, 2005

A pain in the eye

Anyone with contact lenses will know that you NEVER sleep with your lenses in. I broke this fundamental rule. Now I'm paying for it.

When I woke this morning, I felt a sharp pain on my eye and immediately started to panic. My first thought was that my lens had slipped up my eye and half of it was lodged down the back (this has happened before and I had to head up to A&E) but then I spotted a dried up blue thing beside me. Here was my blue tinted lens lying on my bed. So I got more worried! I sat for 30 minutes massaging my eye with my eyelid to see if something was stuck anywhere. Maybe an eyelash...nothing. The pain has since died down but I cant put a spare lens in because it hurts like hell, which means I'm partly blind in my right eye. I'll have to head to my optician tomorrow to make sure it's all fixed by tuesday so that when I leave my home for Orlando on wednesday, I'm not going to be blind and getting headaches and also one eye wont be less blue than the other. It's never ending for me these days

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