Sunday, October 23, 2005

A quiz for all to try

For the past day, Luna, myself and others from chat have been doing a quiz..linked to us by a chat member (who I shall kill after I complete the quiz). It consists of 30 levels BUT if you answer level 30 in the correct way, you can carry on for another 20 levels.

A few of us were stuck on level 44 for hours (yes, I am stupid. As some people have pointed out but I don't care!). I've since past that stage and am now stuck on level 49. You enter the answers into the URL. If your answer is incorrect, it directs you to another page. It's also rigged so you cant cheat on it all. Some of the answers for levels can vary to the answers others would get. Plus, if you try to link someone to a certain page that you're stuck on, it says "Please Do Not Cheat".

It's very addictive! I've given up a few times and gone back to carry on. You can't just leave it. You can play the quiz here and if needed, mark this post and you can come back and ask for help at any time. Luna and myself will gladly help anyone. We've needed some help along the way ourselves. Enjoy!

EDIT: I would just like to add that I have now finished the quiz!!!

You completede as number 153 (YAY!!!!!!!) I just wish Luna was here to finish it with me

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LuNaMooN said...

I finally completed it too, with some help. I STILL can't understand question 44. How can the circumference of the circle be exactly the same as the diameter? 10 DAMN HOURS I WORKED ON THAT QUESTION!!! argh!!!