Sunday, October 30, 2005

Another rant..

Why do people have to be such assholes? My sister does a party plan thing, its clothes and underwear, so to help her out, I thought I'd have a party for her. My best friend wanted some clothes too, and seeing as though she had very few people to invite to her own party, I said that we could combine our parties, and split the benefits. You know, do the right thing and all. I shouldn't have bothered. The party's today, and she's invited no one. I really don't have people to invite either, but she said she'd invite her mum, and her best friend's mum and a couple of other people. She informs me last night that she didn't invite these people because she knew they wouldn't come. Now, I've got 3 outside orders already...and the other people coming to the party are going to order too..all MY friends. So basically, why should i split the profits with her, if she's not going to have people ordering off her?
Anyway, I'm running around like the proverbial blue arsed fly, cleaning the house (not that its majorly dirty, just the usual stuff) making food for afternoon tea, and she tells me she can only stay an hour. WTF?? I'm having this party for HER, and I'm doing all the fucking work, and she's getting away with doing nothing. I feel like calling the whole damn thing off. I should really, but for MY friends coming over.
I won't go on about how my sister's being a bitch, anyone that knows me knows about my sister. Suffice to say, I'm having this party for her too, so she can get profits, and help her out a bit, and the bitch can't even talk to me civilly. I'm sick of being used. And if she starts on me today, all hell will break loose, I don't care who's there.


nenni said...

How did the party go? Did you manage to get through it in one piece?

I use to like those parties. I once held one myself (well, vibrators and kinky shit were on sale) and everyone turned up but hardly anyone bought stuff. which pissed me off. Meant I didnt get money off my order and the lass doing it was rather pissed at it. I'll go to one again but I refuse to host one again.

LuNaMooN said...

It went well, I was stressed out and everyone knew it, so I think they kinda stepped carefully around me. But then I loosened up, and things were ok. I managed to sell $500 worth of clothes, so I got the bra I wanted free, half price on a pair of shoes and the top I wanted. My friend knew she hadn't done anything for the party, so she said I could get all the benefits. Which I did :D

nenni said...

oh sweet!! at least you got everything out of it. That's the main thing. was there alcohol involved? lol