Thursday, May 25, 2006


I bought some potatoes today. I hear singing coming from my cupboard.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I'm back (but I dunno for how long)

I've been gone for over a week (if no one noticed lol) and although I'm back, the evil people who supply my phoneline (British Telecom) are going to end up cutting off my line anyday soon. I've been on high alert for about 3 weeks now, AND BEFORE ANYONE SAYS IT...I know. I should have paid my phonebill but money's tight and I'm too much of a chicken shit to ask my mum for the money.

What have I been up to? I had to stay at my mum's while she got her new kitchen fitted. That took 3 days and it's looking very nice indeed. I didnt much feel like coming home, so I stayed a little longer, sat in pj's for 5 days (I did change them!), and watched dvd's all day. Mostly my new Back to the Future box set! I then got an injury while helping look after my mum's horses. Was kicked on the leg and I'm in a lot of pain but I shall struggle through, as I normally do. I've missed this place and I'll be honest, I've let it slip a lot lately. We've got no page rank and very very few visitors. Need to work on that again but for now, I need to struggle out of my chair and go visit the little girls room.


Isn't it just my luck? I've got a bit of a cold, my head is pounding, my nose is stuffed, I generally feel like shit, all I want to do is lie down in peace and quiet....and the fucking next door neighbours are having a party. I probably wouldn't mind if they played some decent music. But it's some kind of latin crap that they're listening to. This is gonna go on alllllll night :|

Friday, May 12, 2006

Diaries of DaNi3L

I would Use Book of Daniel but that's already taken :P

Diaries well in other words I just want to update my buddies that care what i'm up to

right now I'm In Arkansas visiting family will be here till the 18th so won't be on much if at all But for now I'll be hanging around my old stomping grounds lmao anyways Things are going great in my life for a change my sports teams are flying high as well lol i'll be back to my normal movie reviews at a later date peace out

Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Online Storm !!

On the 2nd of May, Online Storm will be a year old, and I have to say..I quite surprised. It's not often that I'll stick with one thing. I have this habit of forgetting about things I've started but I've stuck this out dispite all the headaches I've developed during my blog time. Problems of getting templates to work, getting colours just right, making sure everything is running ok. Pretty good for someone who knew nothing about HTML.

Something New !
Well, here you go. A new step for me, having a blog. Still no idea what I'll actually post here :s I'm taking it one day at a time.
Anyway, whoever reads this can post at will. Post to me, post to rant, post to eachother. Take your pick. Have fun !
Online Storm's very first post! Where did I get the idea for the blog name? I cheated a little. The storm part was taken from the IRC network we frequent on the condition that I advertise at the same time. Which I've done since day one! (/server for anyone who doesnt know!) The online came from being online. Surprising, innit?

Not long after starting, I invited Luna to join me in posting. Best idea I had, if you ask me. Luna is a wonderful person and someone I'm glad I've met during my online time, even if we didnt get along at the start. Next to join was Michele, with her sideblog. She's another wonderful person that I'm glad posts/posted here. Michele has had to leave the t'internet for awhile and she's sadly missed! Then Daniel joined shortly after. I have to say..Daniel is someone who I never thought I would get on with but I'm glad that we do! Fancy a popcicle, Daniel? lol (old joke) Michele then left her sideblog in the sidelines and joined us here, and that's the story of Online Storm. A year in the making and still going strong(ish).

I would just like to say..Luna, Daniel and Michele, it's been a fucking pleasure posting with you this past year. The blog wouldnt be anything without you all here with me! I've enjoyed your posts, your comments and your suggestions and I hope it continues into the future! Much love for all your work!!! One thing I'm not forgetting..A big thank you to everyone who comes and reads our ramblings, makes comments and has us linked on their pages. One's I know of: Puddin' aka Anarchy, Shaney, AnGelNeWz, Sweet Thing, Rob (at times), all my friends offline and my cat..ahaha forget the cat part! There are probably more (from the visitor stats) but these are the people who either leave a comment or pass a comment to me when I visit them (if I've forgotten your name, that doesnt mean I dont thank you for coming. Much love to you all too!!!)

Anyway, I'm going to stop going on and on. Just one last thank you to everyone, and I hope things carry on for another year! Love you all!