Thursday, April 27, 2006

Red Dwarf quote of the day

Tongue Tied sang by Cat..Lister and Rimmer backing vocals

when I saw you for the first time (first time), my knees began to quiver (quiver)
and I got a funny feeling (feeling) in my kidneys and my liver (digestive system, baby).
my hands they started shakin' (shakin'), my heart began a-thumpin' (boom, boom, boom!),
my breakfast left my body (huey, huey, huey). it all really tells me something

girl, you make me tongue tied (tongue tied) tongue tied whenever you are near me (near me)
tied tongue (tied tongue), tied tongue (tied tongue), whenever you're in town

I saw you across the dance floor (dancing). I thought of birds and bees (reproductive system, baby)
but when I tried to speak to you (talk, talk), my tongue unravelled to my knees (flippety-flippety-flop).
I tried to say "I love you" (love you) but it came out kind of wrong, girl (wrong, girl)
it sounded like, "noo-noony-nee-noo" (tongue tied) na-ner-ner-ner-nee-nung, nirl

girl, you make me tongue tied (tongue tied) tongue tied, whenever you are near me (near me). be-dobby-durgle, dobby-durgle (tongue tied, tongue tied) whenever you're around

oh, I'm begging on my knees. sweet, sweet darling, listen please.
understand my when I say..bedurble diggle doggle-dooby-doggle-durgle-day

I'm trying to say nungy-nangy (nangy-nongy) ningy-nongy..why cant I tell you clearly? (clearly) be dobby-durgle (dobby-durgle),
durgle-dobby (durgle-dobby) whenever you're around...whenever you're around, girl....

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Joke from DaNi3L

first off sorry havn't done anything here in quite a bit, been so lazy


Things I have done, and some I am going to do Friday at work
1. At lunch time, sit in your parked car with sunglasses on and point a hair dryer at passing cars. See if they slow down.

2. Page yourself over the intercom. Don't disguise your voice.

3. Every time someone asks you to do something, Ask if they want fries with that.

4. Put your garbage can on your desk and label it "In."

5. Put decaf in the coffee maker for 3 weeks. Once everyone has gotten over their caffeine addictions, switch to espresso.

6. In the memo field of all your checks, write "For Smuggling

7. Finish all your sentences with "In Accordance With the Prophecy."

8. Don't use any punctuation

9. As often as possible, skip rather than walk.

10. Order diet water with a serious face whenever you go out to eat.

11. Specify that your drive-through order is "To Go."

12. Sing along at the opera.

13. Go to a poetry recital and ask why the poems don't rhyme.

14. Put mosquito netting around your work area and play tropical sounds all day.

15. Five days in advance, tell your friends you can't attend their
party because you're not in the mood.

16. Have your co-workers address you by your wrestling name, "Rock Bottom."

17. When the money comes out the ATM, scream, "I Won! I Won!"

18. When leaving the zoo, start running towards the parking lot,
yelling "Run for your lives! They're loose!"

19. Tell your children over dinner, "Due to the economy, we are going to have to let one of you go."

a very sad day...


It's a very sad night in the nenni household. Very sad night indeed! I think it's the first time I ever had tears in my eyes while watching 24. I fought back the tears when my third fav 24 character was killed but I couldnt hold back when I watched episode 13 tonight (yes, I'm behind in the 24 action. I live in the UK. Give me a break) 13 is a unlucky number in more ways than one now.

Tonight I sat with my hands covering my mouth, staring at the TV as Tony died in Jack's arms. Then I felt the tears. I know, I know! "It's only a TV show" but you've got to understand. I've been an avid fan of 24 since the start. I've spent hours watching Jack, Tony and co battle against terrorists. I've watched every death, every shot of a gun and every failed attempt to end Jack's life. This new season (season 5) has brought me more death, but this time, it's been in the shape of my fav characters. First there was President Palmer and now Tony Almeida! Thank god Jack is invincible! If they ever kill Jack, I dont know what I'll do!
I now have to live my 24 life without seeing Tony alive. They should have killed Kim, not Tony!!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


A mouse finds a viagra tablet on the ground and eats it. 10 minutes later, he's strutting round the place shouting "WHERE'S THE FUCKING PUSSY NOW!!!!!"

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Where is everyone?! Y'all disappeared on me? I know what's going's all because of Daniel breaking stashup forum and chat! ahahaha

The cheese has slid off your cracker!
Don't ask :|


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Red Dwarf quote of the day!

Quarantine episode

Rimmer: So let me get this straight. You want to fly on a magic carpet to see the King of the Potato People and plead with him for your freedom, and you're telling me you're completely sane?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Alien Autopsy review

Starring: Declan Donnelly, Ant McPartlin, Bill Pullman and Jimmy Carr
Directed by: Jonny Campbell

On a trip to the US best friends Ray Santilli and Gary Shoefield (Ant and Dec) stumble upon a piece of top secret military film, only to discover it's been degrading since it first came out of its can in the US and is completely wiped. With their financier breathing down their necks, Santilli and Shoefield set out to recreate the footage and their "remake" becomes a national hit. The film revits a famous TV hoax when a supposed alien autopsy was watched by millions in the US, generating a massive debate. This film spoofs the event to great effect.

Most people outside the UK wont have a single clue who Ant and Dec are. In the UK, they started out in a kids TV show, and have now become a very successful duo on TV. Watched and loved by millions. Having liked Ant and Dec for many a year (and meeting them a few times), I was thrilled to hear they were making a movie. It's been a long time coming, if you ask me. Alien Autopsy is a great comedy. I have to admit that it's quite slow at the start, and at times some acting is very static. It's a funny movie but it might not be everyone's cup of tea but I'm sure everyone would love watching the autopsy scene. it's one of the more funnier moments in the movie. I'd give it a rating of about 7/10 but I guess you could say it's quite high because I like Ant and Dec. I would suggest watching it, if you can. You can visit the site about the film here.

Ray Santilli is a London-based film producer, who on 5 May 1995 presented for the first time his alleged alien autopsy footage to media representatives and UFO researchers. The body was suggested to belong to one of the aliens picked from the supposed Roswell UFO crash site in 1947.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Red Dwarf quote of the day

Backwards Episode

Lister: This is crazy! Why are we talking about going to bed with Wilma Flintstone....she'll never leave Fred and we know it

movie review

Stars: Charlize Theron, Frances McDormand, Sissy Spacek, Woody Harrelson and Sean Bean
Director: Niki Caro

What Josey Aimes wants is a decent job so she can put food on the table and take care of her kids. What she gets is threatened, insulted, ogled, fondled, belittled, attacked and called filthy names. "Take it like a man" her callous male boss says. Instead, she takes it like a human being - and fights back.
Charlize Theron portrays Josey in North Country, the searing story of women who broke the gender barrier laboring in hazardous Minnesota iron mines... and broke legal ground with the nation's first class-action sexual-harassment lawsuit. Frances McDormand, Sissy Spacek, Woody Harrelson and Sean Bean star with Theron in this emotionally explosive tale of taking on the odds to achieve what everyone thought wouldnt happen.

I have to say. Charlize has impressed me yet again. It's no secret that I'm a fan of her's. North Country is a movie inspired by a true story of Lois Jenson and a number of females who took on Taconite Mines of Northern Minnesota after the constant sexual harrassment from a limited number of their male co-workers. This story just grabbed me in after the first 10 minutes. I had to stop everything I was doing just incase I missed anything. Charlize plays the part of Josey Aimes really well, and I have to say, the other actors did a bloody great job in it too.
It jumps back and forth from the courtroom scenes to tell you what had been happening to lead the story there. In some movies, this can be quite annoying but there's a very limited amount of these jumps forward, so you never get lost while watching it. At one point, I even had tears in my eyes and that doesnt happen often while watching movies. I would give this a rating of 8/10. I'll be buying this when I can.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Red Dwarf quote of the day!

New thing I'm gonna start. Luna can join in too cuz she likes Red Dwarf =)

There will be a new Red Dwarf quote posted everyday (or near enough everyday)
First one is taken from series 4, DNA episode

Lister: Go, Kryten
Kryten: We've found something, Sir
Lister: yeah?
Kryten: I think it's one of the crew. A hideously malformed triple-headed skeleton with putrefied flesh hanging from it. It feel through Rimmer as we opened the lift door.
Lister: Is he all right?
Kryten: I believe he's just discovered what shirt tails are for.
Rimmer: All right, Kryten. You don't have to make me sound like a complete cowardly gimboid git. I'm fine now.
Kryten: So, shall I cancel the order to find your mother?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Meaning Of Life

On the first day, God created the dog and said: "Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who comes in or walks past. For this, I will give you a life span of twenty years. The dog said: "That's a long time to be barking. How about only ten years and I'll give you back the other ten?" So God agreed.
On the second day, God created the monkey and said: "Entertain people, do tricks, and make them laugh. For this, I'll give you a twenty-year life span." The monkey said: "Monkey tricks for twenty years? That's a pretty long time to perform. How about I give you back ten like the Dog did?" And God agreed.
On the third day, God created the cow and said: "You must go into the field with the farmer all day long and suffer under the sun, have calves and give milk to support the farmer's family. For this, I will give you a life span of sixty years." The cow said: "That's kind of a tough life you want me to live for sixty years. How about twenty and I'll give back the other forty?" And God agreed again.
On the fourth day, God created man and said: "Eat, sleep, play, marry and enjoy your life. For this, I'll give you twenty years." But man said: "Only twenty years? Could you possibly give me my twenty, the forty the cow gave back, the ten the monkey gave back, and the ten the dog gave back; that makes eighty, okay?" "Okay," said God, "You asked for it." So that is why the first twenty years we eat, sleep, play and enjoy ourselves. For the next forty years we slave in the sun to support our family. For the next ten years we do monkey tricks to entertain the grandchildren. And for the last ten years we sit on the front porch and bark at everyone. Life has now been explained to you.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lost curse

Today I headed into town to buy Lost. I had spotted part 1 and 2 in a shop called byxchange (you can sell your goods. A bit like a pawn shop) but to my horror, some fucker had bought part 2. I had to settle with just part 1. Which I didnt mind that much. I'm more than sure that I'll get it elsewhere (second hand)

I did the rest of my shopping, bought myself a new book, got the fourth series of Red Dwarf, got myself a cheese and onion roll (hot) and then headed up to a place called the Torry Battery.

I decided I would have a look at the discs and what do I find? All 4 discs didnt belong in the box I had bought. All 4 discs were for PART 2. The person who bought part 2 has the discs for part 1 and I have their discs. GUTTED but happy! Was it a Lost curse or was it just someone in the shop that was too stupid to check that they were right? I'm taking them back tomorrow to get a refund and then they'll call if part 1's discs turn up. Till then...I'm watching part 2 now!

Monday, April 03, 2006

cocoa butter

NO. It's not something you spread on toast. It's a butter formula for your skin! I bought this today but all I've done so far is rub a little on the back of my hand and smell it

Enriched with Vitamin E, in a soothing emollient base. Heals and softens rough, dry skin. Helps smooth and blend unattractive marks and scars. Tones skin. Ideal for deep moisturization, including overnight treatments.

You can see the other Palmer's products here. I've also spoken to someone who uses it and said it helped her with stretch marks left after she had her sons. I'll report back in a couple of weeks and let you all know how it's going

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Yet again...

Another sleepless night. I was so bored I changed all the profile thingys on my myspace. No one's in chat, and no one ever IM's me on msn. I'm actually thinking of getting rid of it, or blocking and deleting most everyone. I guess I'm being quite cynical at the moment. says cynical = Believing or showing the belief that people are motivated chiefly by base or selfish concerns; skeptical of the motives of others. That's how I'm feeling right now. I should really blame myself for being too trusting of people. But it's always me that ends up being the bad guy. So yeah, I'll take the blame again and weather the storm like I always do.