Thursday, April 13, 2006

Alien Autopsy review

Starring: Declan Donnelly, Ant McPartlin, Bill Pullman and Jimmy Carr
Directed by: Jonny Campbell

On a trip to the US best friends Ray Santilli and Gary Shoefield (Ant and Dec) stumble upon a piece of top secret military film, only to discover it's been degrading since it first came out of its can in the US and is completely wiped. With their financier breathing down their necks, Santilli and Shoefield set out to recreate the footage and their "remake" becomes a national hit. The film revits a famous TV hoax when a supposed alien autopsy was watched by millions in the US, generating a massive debate. This film spoofs the event to great effect.

Most people outside the UK wont have a single clue who Ant and Dec are. In the UK, they started out in a kids TV show, and have now become a very successful duo on TV. Watched and loved by millions. Having liked Ant and Dec for many a year (and meeting them a few times), I was thrilled to hear they were making a movie. It's been a long time coming, if you ask me. Alien Autopsy is a great comedy. I have to admit that it's quite slow at the start, and at times some acting is very static. It's a funny movie but it might not be everyone's cup of tea but I'm sure everyone would love watching the autopsy scene. it's one of the more funnier moments in the movie. I'd give it a rating of about 7/10 but I guess you could say it's quite high because I like Ant and Dec. I would suggest watching it, if you can. You can visit the site about the film here.

Ray Santilli is a London-based film producer, who on 5 May 1995 presented for the first time his alleged alien autopsy footage to media representatives and UFO researchers. The body was suggested to belong to one of the aliens picked from the supposed Roswell UFO crash site in 1947.

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