Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lost curse

Today I headed into town to buy Lost. I had spotted part 1 and 2 in a shop called byxchange (you can sell your goods. A bit like a pawn shop) but to my horror, some fucker had bought part 2. I had to settle with just part 1. Which I didnt mind that much. I'm more than sure that I'll get it elsewhere (second hand)

I did the rest of my shopping, bought myself a new book, got the fourth series of Red Dwarf, got myself a cheese and onion roll (hot) and then headed up to a place called the Torry Battery.

I decided I would have a look at the discs and what do I find? All 4 discs didnt belong in the box I had bought. All 4 discs were for PART 2. The person who bought part 2 has the discs for part 1 and I have their discs. GUTTED but happy! Was it a Lost curse or was it just someone in the shop that was too stupid to check that they were right? I'm taking them back tomorrow to get a refund and then they'll call if part 1's discs turn up. Till then...I'm watching part 2 now!

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Mr. D said...

I got Series 2