Thursday, April 27, 2006

Red Dwarf quote of the day

Tongue Tied sang by Cat..Lister and Rimmer backing vocals

when I saw you for the first time (first time), my knees began to quiver (quiver)
and I got a funny feeling (feeling) in my kidneys and my liver (digestive system, baby).
my hands they started shakin' (shakin'), my heart began a-thumpin' (boom, boom, boom!),
my breakfast left my body (huey, huey, huey). it all really tells me something

girl, you make me tongue tied (tongue tied) tongue tied whenever you are near me (near me)
tied tongue (tied tongue), tied tongue (tied tongue), whenever you're in town

I saw you across the dance floor (dancing). I thought of birds and bees (reproductive system, baby)
but when I tried to speak to you (talk, talk), my tongue unravelled to my knees (flippety-flippety-flop).
I tried to say "I love you" (love you) but it came out kind of wrong, girl (wrong, girl)
it sounded like, "noo-noony-nee-noo" (tongue tied) na-ner-ner-ner-nee-nung, nirl

girl, you make me tongue tied (tongue tied) tongue tied, whenever you are near me (near me). be-dobby-durgle, dobby-durgle (tongue tied, tongue tied) whenever you're around

oh, I'm begging on my knees. sweet, sweet darling, listen please.
understand my when I say..bedurble diggle doggle-dooby-doggle-durgle-day

I'm trying to say nungy-nangy (nangy-nongy) ningy-nongy..why cant I tell you clearly? (clearly) be dobby-durgle (dobby-durgle),
durgle-dobby (durgle-dobby) whenever you're around...whenever you're around, girl....

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