Friday, October 21, 2005

What the world has come to...

I can't find a news article on this, but today in court, a Perth man was found guilty and fined $750 for "child abuse" after smacking his daughter on the leg. His daughter was constantly pestering him for a lolly (a sweet) and she was throwing a massive tantrum. A family friend contacted police after seeing bruises on the little girl. (In the story on the TV news, I saw the photos, and I couldn't see any bruises)
Now, am I wrong in thinking this is ridiculous? How in the world can anyone say this is child abuse? When the ONLY way to get your child to stop throwing a tantrum is to smack them? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning beating up on children. But to give one smack, as the man said he did, and to get charged for it? I don't have children myself, but my sister does, and I've seen her struggling so hard not to smack her children. But sometimes, in circumstances, it's the only way you can stop them from throwing a fit. Honestly, what parent, or guardian, or babysitter, or whatever, hasn't given a child a smack on the hand when they're naughty? If they haven't, they've got great self control.
When I was growing up, I got belted with a wooden spoon, belt buckle, pretty much whatever was handy. I've had ashtrays, plates, glasses thrown at me by my mum. I don't necessarily agree with the discipline measures my mum doled out. But it was the only way she knew how. I know I won't do the same to my children, if I ever have them. But I will not hesitate in smacking my child if I see fit. Spare the rod and spoil the child. An old saying, but I think, if it was adhered to a little bit more, we wouldn't have the social problems we have today. I'd like to see how others feel about this. Feel free to reply.


nenni said...

Reading that made me remember my friend Michele. She had three kids, who she use to smack for doing stuff wrong. I mean they ruined things in her house and I still say to this day that she let them off with stuff. Aarron, her eldest, was in school and stole someone's dinner off their plate. When a teacher asked him why, he said "I can get away with it here. I normally get a smack for doing that at home" So the teacher reported Michele and John, her than partner at the time but not Aarron's father. They had social workers saying they would take their kids away and telling them both that they had to take anger management courses. When I heard that, I made my opinion clear to the social workers.

Here in the UK, there was this whole campaign about parents smacking their kids and they were saying that you shouldnt smack your kids at all. Just talk to THESE PEOPLE GET THEIR DEGREES OUT OF THE LOCAL SLOT MACHINE?? I don't have kids but even I know that if you only 'talk' to your kids after they've done something wrong, it's not always going to work. Some people have said that they take this approach but I know I wouldnt. I'm not for child abuse, in case someone is going to make that comment. I've seen what child abuse does to a kid first hand and I would never put a kid through that in my life BUT I do think a smack on the back of the hand or on the bum, for doing something wrong, is a way that kids will learn.

Sorry for making this long...One woman, who lived in my old street, never once smacked her kids and now her kids are terrorising(sp) all the people on the street, smashing car windows, throwing stones at house windows..They were never told off for doing things, so they think it's ok. None of my kids will act like that. They will get a smack for doing something wrong. It's how we all learned. Who can honestly say that the odd smack or two that they got from their parents, has done them long term harm?

LuNaMooN said...

It certainly did me no harm. The guy that got charged, was 23, single dad, the mother of the child ran off and left him alone to raise the child. The judge's comments were, that children these days are taught their rights, but NOT their rights and wrongs. Unfortunately he had to charge the man, to set "an example". Which I think is complete bollocks. But the judge is correct in saying what he said about kid's rights. Because nowadays, kids know exactly what they can get away with. And so many of them DO get away with it. The amount of times you see on the nightly news, another teenager runs away from home, and the distraught parents can't do anything about it, and the system helps the child, NOT the parents. And mostly these kids run away because the parents DO try and set rules. Or, on the other hand, the parents dont give a shit, and as you said Jen, the kids run rampant. And basically, if the kids do get caught, its "oh, the poor child, from a broken home" or the old excuse, "the child has ADD" or "the child is just expressing themselves". WHAT BULLSHIT. Send these kids off to boot camp. Show them some discipline, if the parents arent going to show them any. I applaud this guy for doing what he did. Oh, and just to add, he smacked her because she, after him telling her off more than a dozen times, still went for that bag of lollies. A dozen? Twice would have done it for me.

nenni said...

Kids these days will say "If you hit me, I'll report you to the police" Thats how some get away with everything. I hardly ever got a smack when I was younger. I was a good kid but when I did do something wrong, I got a smack on the ass or the hand. I once talked to my best friends mum about the whole 'smacking your kids' thing and she said a smack on the back of the hand, on the ass or the back of your legs teaches you what's right or wrong. We all do new things and we all make mistakes..just when you're a kid, you cant tell that it's wrong, so you have to be taught that it is and kids these days wont listen to you telling them what's wrong. So a smack is needed.

Making an example of him? I agree. That's bullshit!