Thursday, September 29, 2005

A question for every visitor!

After watching Dawn Of The Dead, Day Of The Dead and now the remake of Dawn Of The Dead, I decided to ask some of my fellow IRC users a question. Now I've decided to ask my fellow bloggers the very same question. I would be very grateful if you could leave me your replies. It's actually very interesting to find out what others would do. Here's the question:-

In bizaro world...say the dawn of the dead happened. Flesh eating zombies were attacking every city. People you've know all your life are now dead and killing people. Imagine you're in that situation...What would you do to survive? Would you save yourself or would you help others along the way? What would you do for food? Would you search for loved ones?

Here are some answers:-
(+phobos) whatever I had to
(+phobos) rule #1: aim for the head
(+phobos) rule #2: KILL INFECTED PEOPLE
(+phobos) rule #3: don't travel with cripples or people that can't fend for themselves
(@nenni) would you stay at home?
(+phobos) unless it was compromised or I learned of a safer area
(@nenni) if you did learn of a safer area, would you save others?
(+phobos) save others?
(+phobos) if they weren't going to slow me down
(+phobos) or if they were armed
(+phobos) anything that would increase my own chances for survival
(@nenni) what would you do for food?
(+phobos) you can safely assume that any zombie pandemic would be post-apocalyptic so I ain't worried about getting any heroic medals
(+phobos) depends where I end up
(+phobos) if I moved from my house, it would be someplace I would have vital necessities
(+phobos) a convenience store or something
(+phobos) the only thing you can really do is wait it out

(+Ratt) i'd probably end up just killing myself if it happened

(user) its an interesting question
(nenni) mhm
(user) find an island
(user) I bet zombies aint good swimmers
(nenni) lol
(nenni) would you save others?
(user) it depends if they would be usefull in defending my island fortress or not
(user) though friends and relatives I would


nenni said...

Here are a couple other replies:

(Setag) lemme think
(Setag) i would first break open all the damn gun stores and go Rambo...
(Setag) then, i would probably go live in a wal-mart supercenter (has food and stuffs) for a while, fending off zombie "how may i help you" people...
(Setag) i wouldnt help the people... since... most of them would be zombies anyway... or on their way to become zombies...

(Randy-Orton) if i had a sniper Rifle i would be on the biggest roof with no entrance to it and would have already stored alot of food when i had the chance along with millions of bullets
(Randy-Orton) i would sit up on top and snipe off the zombies like it was some game

nenni said...


(@Ambrosia) I would save myself and help ppl that were still alive, and I'm sure we'd find food somewhere, there'd have to be something somewhere, I would definately save the ppl that weren't bitten yet as well, man, that's a deep question there

(rachi) it's harder to survive here (UK), cuz you don't get many places that sell guns
(rachi) we could llock ourselves in asda or summat
(nenni) I was thinking that
(rachi) asda has 2 aisles filled with alcohol
(nenni) lol
(rachi) and more in stock no doubt
(nenni) plus stuff out back
(rachi) plus food n that
(Libertine) but no dart board
(nenni) yes!
(rachi) it has tv's n dvds n stuff
(nenni) they sell dart boards

LuNaMooN said...

I'd probably pee my pants like a little girl :|

Anonymous said...

pick a different forest gump

Ayannali said...

I don't know....

But thern again i am still watching the Pricess Diaries with my son...

I would probably freak out. I am not very brave....probably be turned into a zombie and shot...who knows...

Let's not find out for sure ;)

nenni said...

Luna, I said I would probably do that. then I would kick into gear and kick some zombie ass! :p

Anarchy, now do you see why I love you! run, anarchy, run <3

ayannali, thanks for posting a comment =) IF it ever does happen, it wont be in our life time lol

Anonymous said...

Just popping in from Blog Explosion to say hi!

Have a great day!

Love the new ink, too.

No BS said...

I love those zombie movies, but if it happened in real life I'd probably killl myself! I hope we never find out!