Friday, September 02, 2005

Robbie Williams : Intensive Care Album

After much searching and hair pulling, I've finally got ONE picture of Robbie Williams new album cover. There are other pictures I've seen in the newspaper but I cant find them online. I'll continue to search for them over the next few days to show you them..

Robbie Williams new album is called Intensive Care and it's release date is October 24. The album's first single, "Tripping," is described by Williams on his web site as "something like a mini-gangster opera." It will be issued to European radio outlets beginning September 5 ahead of its October 3 release at retail.
Intensive Care (EMI), which Williams has been recording in Los Angeles for the past two years, marks the follow-up to the 2003 chart-topper release Escapology and Williams will play a one-off show October 9 at the 12,000 capacity Velodrom in Berlin. The concert will be simultaneously broadcast at cinemas across Europe. Television broadcasts are also being lined up.
Robbie has become interested in tarot cards and he's become so fascinated by the spiritual world that he has based the artwork for his new album on it. The picture above is the main cover for the new album. You can't see it in the picture but on his fingertip is a symbol called sigil, which is a magical seal or device. Apparently it can be used to summon angels, demons or spirits. The artwork has been designed by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, who designed comic strips The Invisibles and Judge Dredd. This album will be Robbie's first without his previous songwriter partner Guy Chambers. Instead he worked with eighties star Stephen Tintin Duffy on the cd (when I find more pictures that will be involved with the album, I'll post them straight away)


LuNaMooN said...

i cant wait. this'll probably be the first album in years that i'll actually go and buy at the shop!!!

nenni said...

I would sit up and wait to hear his new single on Monday but I would probably pass out and I know for a fact I wont wake at the time I'm suppose to for hearing it...I'll check out his site on Monday. You'll get to hear it there and I cant fucking wait for it to come out!!