Monday, September 12, 2005

Hurricane Katrina...Additional

First of all, I have to thank Anarchy for this..I was surfing his blog, (link to his blog, Fear and Loathing In Wangavegas, can be found below in the list of links) and found this hilarious clip. I think it pretty much sums up the way the people of New Orleans think at the moment. It's gotta be the catchphrase of the century. Amidst all the suffering and chaos, it's good to know that sometimes we can have a bit of a laugh. Enjoy it.


nenni said...

for some reason I cant watch that

nenni said...

there's a mirror of the video farther down in the comments. I think that's just plain disrespectful, being that Washington did all it could to help. There is something called the 9th Amendment, which give states sovereignty from the government, and the government is limited to what it can do. The governer of Louisiana Kathleen Blanco and the head of FEMA Michael Brown as well as the inner city civilians are to blame for this "fiasco."

Blanco refused to give permission for the U.S. Government to help manage the catastrophe for several days following the storm. During this time, many civilians were shooting at and killing emergency personnel, which delayed efforts.

Brown had no prior emergency experience and lied on his resumé about his education. He was not trained to handle a disaster of this magnitude, and because of this, he has quit his job. The Acting Head that took his place, David Paulison, is already doing a great job.

So, fuck you, Mr. Anonymous Coward, fuck you for disgracing our nation's leaders who have done NOTHING but try to help.

Besides, I think the catchphrase of the century belongs to "President Bush doesn't care about black people," uttered in ignorance by Kanye West.

-rob k

nenni said...

A very interesting link, everyone should read this.

-rob k

LuNaMooN said...

ok, I have NO idea who Mr Cheney is, apart from him being some American politician. ANYONE telling a politician to go fuck themselves, no matter what the circumstance, deserves a medal. THAT'S why I found it amusing.