Friday, September 23, 2005

Finding something to do

I have this problem when I get really bored. I search for ages trying to find something to do and to post about but I'm lacking all creative inspiration at the moment. I need a muse!

Saying that, I did make south park pictures of myself. I made about 6 but I think this is the best one. Everyone should make one of themselves and you can find a link to do so on the blogroll.

I now face a problem...I have nothing to do now! I could chat on IRC to others but I cant be bothered holding a conversation. I could play a game on yahoo but I cant find anything of interest. I could clear stuff off my computer but that's more boring than being bored. I could go to bed but I'm not that tired and cant be bothered with my puppy licking my feet (just yet anyway). I could pick one of my 146 dvd's to watch but in all honesty...I've had a dvd playing over and over again and I'm not even paying attention to it. This is the net. I shouldnt really be bored, should I? I've already spent most of the day on blogexplosion. Looks like I might be heading back to look more. God, I'm so boring. No wonder I'm still single!

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