Saturday, September 03, 2005

Neighbours...everybody needs good neighbours...

I NEED THEM. Ugh, the guy across the road hasn't stopped coming over for the last 3 days and I'm getting heartily sick of him. This is his story. He reckons he got drunk Thursday night, and his wife doesn't like him drinking. So she started in on him. Apparently he got so mad at her, he stuck his hands round her throat to stop her from verbally abusing him. So she packed her bags and left. GOOD FOR HER! I don't condone ANY form of violence to women AT ALL. Because he's got no friends or family in the vicinity, he's been here non stop, and I'm getting pissed off, I can't do my work with him here, nor can my dad. And he goes ON and ON about everything. I just had to put up with half an hour of diatribe, and all I asked him was how many brothers and sisters he has. I got his life story, which I've heard countless times in the 27 years we've been neighbours. I've had to make an excuse about going out this afternoon, just so I can get rid of him. Yet he's still here. Talking my poor dad's ear off. Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, he should be hung and quartered for putting his hands on his wife. You'd think he'd know better, at 64 years of age. Fucking asshole.

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nenni said...

at least you dont have neighbours like mine! a prostitute/junkie living across the landing, a prostitute living blow me, a guy who loves to blast music from 10pm till 8am the next morning..and that's just the ones I know about. there's two more apartments in my building lol

The neightbours I had when I lived with my mum and dad...worse than what they are now..swingers, nosey bitches, stuck-up wankers, screaming kids and that's the only ones I can mention. I found out not long ago what some of my neighbours use to do and it sickened me!