Monday, September 19, 2005

Robbie news...

Found a great news website, some Robbie news...

Robbie Williams is set to star in the re-make of Saturday Night Fever.
The Bee Gees are said to be making a £20 million modern version of the hit 70's film and have ear-marked Robbie for the part of Tony Manero, originally played by John Travolta. A friend of the Gibb brothers said: " Robbie is the ideal candidate to play Tony - he can sing, dance, is a good-looking lad and has loads of charisma."

Robbie Williams won't release his new album Intensive Care in America.
Stung by a lack of success State-side the singer has resolved not to give Americans a taste of his new material reports
He says: "The only way one of my albums is going to get into an LA record store is if I leave it there myself."

Robbie Williams was paid £1million to sing at a birthday party - and gave it to charity.
Robbie, 31, sang to 300 guests at the 50th birthday bash of City broker Michael Spencer, says the Sun.
He sang for an hour, starting at midnight with Let Me Entertain You and finishing with Angels at Chateau Meuf de Grasse in the south of France.
One guest said: "It was an incredible party that must have cost at least £1.5million.
"It had everything money can buy and then some. The vintage wine and champagne included bottles worth thousands.
"When Robbie came on people could not believe that he was there playing to them in such an intimate venue. It was a night no one will forget."
Seventies band Sister Sledge also played, while two of France's top chefs provided food.
Mr Spencer is the UK's 138th richest man with £360million.


nenni said...

robbie > rob lol

I've still yet to hear his new song! I'm gonna have to check it out now and if he is in the remake of saturday night fever...I'll be buying the dvd!!

Michelle said...

just droppin by. i'm from perth as well


LuNaMooN said...

Hope you visit us often, Michelle. Nice to meet you.

Jen, I've heard the song, seen the vid, ITS BRILLIANT! Altho every damn copy I try and download is sure i'll get it soon :D