Sunday, September 25, 2005

Horror Movies V3

So, it continues with more news. I did a search and found out about more horror movies either in talks or ones that didnt make it to the script stage. So we start off with :-

Blair Witch 3: This is a prequel of the first film and it's expected to set in 1786 where the legend originated. This film chronicles the events that led to the township of Blair driving an accused witch named Elizabeth Kedward into the woods, and the subsequent hauntings that plaqued the town for decades after her supposed death. My'll most likely suck. As I've said before, I don't like most remakes and hate prequel movies even more. There's only ever been prequel movie that I've liked (if you could call it a prequel) and that was The Scorpion King. So if this does get off the ground, I think I'll wait to see it either on TV or at someone's house.

The Hills Have Eyes: This is a remake of Wes Craven's 1977 movie. The story follows a suburban American family who take a trip cross-country, but after their trailer breaks down in the New Mexico desert, they are preyed upon by a family of deformed hill people. This is set for a March 2006 release and some of the cast include Tom Bower, Ezra Buzzington and Dan Byrd

The Ring 3: There's no plot of this movie yet but the script is being worked on. It could go down the line of the Japanese version. In the third installment in the Japanese trilogy of Ringu, the third film was actually a prequel called Ring: 0, that details Sadako's life before her death. I've still yet to see The Ring 2 but I did like the first and now own it. With The Ring 2 being a sequel, I'm in no hurry to see it but I have been told it's good..We'll soon see. The Ring 3 maybe being a prequel...see above for my comment on those.

Now, while searching the website I get info from, I came across a section about horror movies that never happened. Some could still be made but talks have faulted or script writing has taken a break..I came across this:-

Freddy Vs Jason 2: According to an interview with Robert Englund, the man himself wanted to swing by a couple ideas to the execs which would possibly bring a couple other horror icons in the mix. Of course the project isn't happening anymore, but it's an interesting read as to what he had in mind. Read it all here

I didnt really see much of interest. I keep checking to bring you news of interest. I'll do my best to keep it up. Make sure to keep checking back! (all info is taken from


LuNaMooN said...

I read the Robert Englund interview and all I can say is....WTF THEYRE REMAKING EVIL DEAD????? How the FUCK can they? That is a classic! Who would replace Bruce Campbell? Bruce IS Ash. BASTARDS! I for one will NOT see it. I don't care if it beats Titanic in the Academy Awards. I don't care if it makes 15 squillion dollars at the box office! FUCK THAT!

nenni said...

In an interview about the remake of Evil Dead they said he wouldnt be taking that role, they would like to use the old cabin from the original but cant. It was burnt down many years'll suck ass like most remakes do. They over do the special effects. IMHO, it's the cheesy blood and gore that make old horror movies and I'm not the only one to think that. There's nothing better than watching an old horror movie and laughing at how cheesy all that is. THAT'S THE BEST PART OF IT! Don't get me wrong, I like most horror movies that have come out but if they remake something, they tend to over do the special effects