Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Horror Movies V4

I know it's soon after my last horror movie update but here are some more.
This is carrying on from previous posts Version 1, V2 and V3. Enjoy:-

Silent Hill: There's a Sean Bean interview to read here. Filming is just about finished. Then it'll enter post-production, where the special effects will be put in place.

Saw II: There's a new poster out for this, which can be viewed here and a new trailer, which can be viewed here.

I Am Legend: Now this I cant wait for! It's based on the Richard Matheson novel of the same name, which has already been told in two movies. The Last Man On Earth (1964) and The Omega Man (1971). I read this book when I was 13/14 and have loved it ever since. The book is about Robert Neville, the last living man on Earth and his survival against a world full of vampires. The movie is said to be an adaption, set in Los Angeles after a biological war, where a sole healthy survivor finds himself in a battle against nocturnal mutants. I love the idea of this. Having never seen the first two movies before or after reading the novel, I cant comment on them but I sure will have a comment after seeing this movie. It probably wont start filming till 2006. So I have a long wait. (all news and updates taken from


Rob said...

Thanks for the heads up on I Am Legend. Great book and the other 2 movies aren't bad either.

I didn't come here to plug my own blog but I do horror and exploitation DVD reviews. Check it out.

nenni said...

Hey, welcome!! I'll be checking out your blog when I return from some errands. If you happen to check back here and you would be happy with the idea, we could work out a link to each blog? I have a few friends who visit here that will be interested looking at your blog. I can add it to my blogroll. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for the comment =)