Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I was watching something the other night, while suffering on my mum's sofa, called the Worlds Most Extreme TV Shows...or something like that...and I agree that some of the shows were extreme. Shows like Who's the Daddy? in the US. A woman, who is searching for her father, has to try and pick out which guy she thinks is her father. Some of the guys are actors and her actual father is there too, or a shows called Cheaters, where people are told about their cheating partners and then they face these partners and the person they are cheating with. The host was stabbed when he took a GF to face her cheating BF. Doesnt sound extreme huh? But those are only 2 of the shows mentioned. Some were really over the top. I'm getting to my rant, I promise!
There were shows from all over the world and they just happened to mention a show that was on TV here in the UK. It started off as Anatomy for Beginners and when it returned, it was Autopsy: Life and Death and it was about it's title. An Autopsy of a human body that was donated for medical research. The first show included subjects on movement, circulation, digestion and reproduction and the second show concentrated on subjects such as circulation, cancer, poisoning and ageing.

They cut open different human bodies and showed you all the different organs. Telling you about how any virus/infection could effect you, how you can die from them and how different muscles work in your body. They sliced a brain into bits and showed you the different parts of it. In my opinion, it was bloody brilliant! My rant? It's about how people complained about it! WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT IT?! It was educational!!! And to class it as extreme? shut the fuck up! If you don't like things like that, then switch channels. Don't bloody watch it. Don't sit there and say "OH. I don't like this but I think I'll watch it and then go complain about it"

For me, it was educational. It helped me explain to my gran what had happened to her when she had her mini stroke. I was able to explain to her about the blockage they said she had in her brain. If the show hadnt been on and I didnt take time out to watch it, I wouldnt have understood much about her mini stroke. There's only so much you can learn in school or from books. To actually watch them cut someone open and show you what you look like from the inside, was fascinating. No body was cut open without having the permission from the donor and their family. The donors face was covered. Dispite what people think, my opinion is that it was tastefully done, it was educational and extremely interesting. So to all the people who thought to complain about it..SHUT THE FUCK UP AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, CHANGE CHANNELS! Some people in this world want to learn about the human body in a way that doesnt involve books. That's my rant of the day over with lol

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