Sunday, December 18, 2005


Am I the only one who gets annoyed at little noises that other people make? Please tell me I'm not alone in this!

It started last week with my gran. She has a habit of talking with her mouth full and she always seems to take a bite of whatever food she's cooked us and then starts talking. Putting the food at the side of her mouth like same little animal and then there's the slapping noise she makes while eating! It's never really bothered me before but with christmas looming near us, I've been getting in lots of bad moods. I hate christmas, you see...So when I'm in a mood, things tend to annoy me more. Like someone reading something over my shoulder or reading my newspaper before me and even someone who decides to start MY news of the world crossword.

This weekend, I was out at my friend's house and then I spent 2 days with my mum. She had one of her best friend's (with bf in tow) staying for the weekend and she can be very annoying. This morning, I had to wake up to go down to the local shop/store to buy breakfast, dispite my mum's friend saying SHE would go down. So, I was pissed off at the lack of sleep. Also annoyed from the night before and the mere fact that this friend put a huge gas can right at the side of the kitchen door, where I couldnt see it while walking into the kitchen with bags full of shopping. So, I have a huge bruise on my knee, a sore ankle from slipping on ice and a pain in my wrist that wont go away.

ANYWAY, I come back from the shop/store and my mum asks me to cook the bacon I've just bought. I do this, while reading a newspaper and her friend starts reading, over my shoulder, what I'm reading. Then she stands next to me waiting for the bacon to be ready and keeps sighing at me. Steam is just about ready to come out of my ears. She starts to butter the bread when I throw an annoying look her way and takes what is already cooked and starts making the sandwiches. I look out the sauce for everyone and pick up the NOTW magazine so that I can start my crossword but I put it down on the table and what does she do? She STARTS MY crossword. I know it's just a crossword but it's MINE. My mum spots my look of disgust and takes it away when she's turned away.

With all the bacon cooked, I add sauce to my sandwich and go to sit at the table. Her and her bf have taken up the rest of the room at the table. So what did I have to do? I had to sit on the floor! I took a stool over beside me so that I could rest my crossword and hot chocolate on it and went to sit on the floor. Then what happens? The puppy spies my sandwich and snatches it from my hand as I'm sitting down. I only wanted one sandwich, while they all had two, so there was no more bacon for me to make something to eat. What annoyed me even more than the puppy now enjoying my breakfast, was the fact that the friend LAUGHED at what happened. I was cursing her in my head and went back to my crossword. Then she did the worst thing ever. She said "These bacon sandwiches are really nice. Shame you missed out on it, Jenni" I sat for 2-3 more minutes, getting more annoyed at the sounds she was making while eating said fucking bacon sandwiches, then threw my crossword on the floor (along with the pen) got up and said "I'm glad you fucking like them. Fucking choke on them, you whore" and stormed upstairs to the bedroom.

After they left (30 minutes later), I ventured downstairs and said sorry to my mum for being such a bitch and she told me that I had every right to get pissed at what she said to me. I wouldnt have got so annoyed if I wasnt already pissed off with her ass. I would have just sat and not said a word, finished my crossword and probably went out to tend to our horse, Brogan but no. She had annoyed me so much in the short space of time I stayed with her.

She's coming back out at New Year. I'm going to be drunk..Can you imagine what's gonna happen?!


LuNaMooN said...

Dude. Smack the bitch out.

Yeah, i know what you mean about the annoying noises. My grandma used to make this noise with her mouth, like...its difficult to describe, but anyway, ive noticed now my aunty is making the exact same noise. Its revolting. Sounds like a cow chewing her cud. But then again, my aunty IS a cow, so it suits her.

Michele said...

Beat her down, Jen! That was very disrespectful of her to do that. She should of offered you one of her sandwiches. ~hugs you~

nenni said...

she was eating her second sandwich when it happened. my mum did offer hers but I was so pissed off, I refused to eat nything they offered me and those noises...ARGH. annoy me to hell!

DaNi3L said...

you guys get annoyed with the tiniest little things sheesh women

nenni said...

men are worse than us!

DaNi3L said...

then why is it I don't care about noises by others like that