Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Gay weddings

The first offical same sex weddings took place in Scotland. After decades of campaigning to have equal rights as heterosexual couples, it's now legal in the UK and same sex couples will benefit from a major change in next of kin status and inheritance tax and pension rights. Although some people are still against the idea, and some regions are refusing to offer ceremonies on moral grounds.

The first same sex couple to marry in Scotland were married in Edinburgh, and the second couple were married in my home town Aberdeen. Male homosexuality was a crime in Scotland until it was decriminalised in 1981. I've always said that I have no problems at all with gay couples. No matter what sexuality they are, everyone is still equal in my eyes. They still love in the same way hetero people do and they still hurt the same too. Why shouldnt they be allowed to marry someone that they love? I've had many gay friends and, to be honest, I've enjoyed their company more than heterosexual people. Not because I'm in anyway gay but because they arent as small minded as some people I've had the displeasure in meeting throughout my life. I say goodluck to them and to anyone else thinking of getting married to a partner that they love!


LuNaMooN said...

I agree totally. I give a lot of shit concerning homosexuals on chat, but in reality they're no different than straight people, just their sexual preferences. Big deal. I've known a few gay people, and theyre great. I'm Catholic, and I dont see it as an abomination in the eyes of God. Far as I'm concerned, if God makes us in His image, then God's gotta be a bit of a poof Himself.

nenni said...

My gran doesnt like homosexual couples. She works in a bar and all she says is "they're turning our bar into a fag bar" WHAT TOTAL BULLSHIT!! I hate when someone does that. I seriously do.

Isnt it said that "all men are created equal"? Only equal if you fall in love with someone of a different sex? Why should people care what others do behind closed doors? What actual harm are they causing them?!

DaNi3L said...

God didn't create Adam and Steve he created Adam and Eve, that's All i have to say about that

LuNaMooN said...

Danny, you're BISEXUAL arent you?

nenni said...

don't you/most guys who believe in god like watching lesbian porn? are they not homosexual?

I'm not trying to pick a fight. I dont want to argue over it all. I want a discussion, indepth if may be, about it all!

DaNi3L said...

God didn't create Adam and Steve he created Adam and Eve, that's All i have to say about that

upon reading your comment, I searched that saying and came across an interesting site. allow me to quote..

"We gays often hear that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. It is my contention, that it is very possible that God did indeed create Adam and Steve, and Louise and Sue, AFTER He created Adam and Eve."

"First, Cain was the son of Adam and Eve, but where did Cain's wife come from if God did not create her? If God did not create her, then she would have to have been his sister or his mother (Eve) if Adam and Eve were the only ones "begetting"."

The bible doesnt hold all the answers, as said on this site and have there ever been God's actual words about homosexuality or were those words written second hand? The site I read was this

DaNi3L said...

lol@i'm not trying to pick a fight how can one fight over the net? anyways everyone has thoughts on things

Yes every guy well about every guy lol does think girl on girl is great even christians, but that's called the lust for the flesh aka a sin I know I'm not perfect and weather you believe me or not if i had the opertunity to have it with two females I wouldn't, hell i have already had chances to have sex with a few of my ex g/f's lol but as you can still see I'm still a virgin when it comes down to it I wait for marriage

Luna don't believe everything you see or read on the net, I joke online saying i am bi lol just like some females joke online that they would fuck another female yet in real life they would barf at that idea, the difference is that it's safer for a female saying they would lick another female out, cause that's acceptable but guy and guy lol I took my joke to the extreme.

you see I like seeing people laugh, laughing is a great cure for boredom pain or whatever, weather they are laughing at me or laughing with me it makes no difference so i'm sure you have seen from time and time again i make fun of myself

I told Someone I will not name so it won't start anything, this same thing that she would believe anything, she replied "I don't believe you would do something that would put yourself down" guess again as i stated anything for a laugh

now as to that site i love how many things people will make up to make others think that what they are is acceptable, I have heard it all being Bi or being gay is in a gene, to the point of them saying they were born like that, lmao sorry if anything hurts anyone's feelings but this is how i truley feel about this subject

it's all a matter of mentality, they just don't feel as some would say for the opposite sex am I right, well I guess you can call me gay then cause I can go by tons of hot sexy women in hardly nothing and I won't feel a thing wow, maybe i am gay :| or maybe i actually have self control

if you ain't hormoaning over the opposite sex like a dog in heat anytime you see a hot sexy one of the opposite sex, you must be gay right lol

why do you think I don't read the bible much, I know people could have changed some of the words in it to make how they feel or act acceptable by others.

that site is no different

the meaning of life to live and to procreate right, how the hell you going to do that with two females or two males?

i know you'll have some answers for that one lol

LuNaMooN said...

Danny, if I wanted to read a novel, I'd head to Dymock's.....LOL just kidding, fat boy!

nenni said...

If it's all a matter of mentality, are you trying to say that if they tried hard enough, they wouldnt be homosexual? So, if they dont love someone of the opposite sex and want someone of the same sex BUT have to stop themselves because it's a 'sin' then they wouldnt be carrying on God's will and that's to procreate, no?

How can you believe in original sin but not 'sin' itself? Adam's original sin was past down to the next generation. So it could be thought of that this 'original sin' being passed down could have turned into homosexuality generations aftewards, no? People may believe that homosexuality wasnt God's will but infact, God's will HAS been carried. Adam and Eve DID procreate. Orginal sin or not, they carried God's will. Their creation of human life has thus had homosexual bloodlines, no?

"God created us. He created DNA. He knew the diversity it would create and in the first chapter of Genesis he stated "It is good." So yes, God created Adam and Steve. And it is good"

I really dont see how people who are homosexual cant be accepted. They are like you, Luna, Michele and myself except they have sex with someone of the same sex. Doesnt make them any less human. They don't hard anyone. So why shouldnt they have the same rights as heterosexual people?

LuNaMooN said...

Just to reply to Danny's comment, having sex with someone of the same sex, is COMPLETELY different than having a RELATIONSHIP with one. Maybe...being curious, I'd have sex with a girl. (that is, if i was skinny and had a great body ahaha). But to have a relationship with one..NO WAY. Just my thoughts on that.

Michele said...

Here is my opinion on this. While I personally would never be involved sexually with a woman, I do not judge or look down on others who are gay. They are people just like us. I have a gay female friend and a gay male friend. Both of them are very sweet and while they are vocal about their sexual preferences, they have never once tried to force it on me. we should never judge people for their sexual preference, just like we shouldn't judge people by the color of their skin, how they look, or anything like that.

DaNi3L said...

Luna having sex with someone no matter same sex or not is different but the only good sex is the on you have when you have a relationship with someone

as for jen yes origonal sin adamn and eve made due to the devil's persuasion they still commited it, and the only thing that is brought down from another sin is the thoughts in ones head not blood thanks

yes mentality jen if one thinks that he is not good enough for the opposite sex or is confused why he thinks he don't have feelings he or she is going to be looking elsewhere and a matter of subtraction, example lets put me as the confused boy, how come i can't think the way other boys do about females, something's wrong with me i think, then i hear about gays first thought sick yes, second thought when it keeps coming up what if, then will people accept me then as you get older who cares if they accept me i'll do what i want so my mind is chosen i was "BORN this way i must have been i never had feelings towards a female :| "

God Created Adam and Eve after they sined he had to create more people you think they are going to go and write out every human he creates out of clay of the earth they didn't write out every single Deer he made or fish in the sea no, that excuse will never be accepted by me at least

they are human yes but humans are not perfect they do stray from what there life is meant to be, that's the problem with freedom of choice I say, God gave them the right to choose gay or straight

As much as i believe it's wrong I won't go out and to there face say you should change the way you think, then I would be a hypocrite

it's there choice no matter how wrong i believe it is, that don't mean I have to support it, If I was asked to vote yes or no to gay weddings Damn right i'll vote no :|

nenni said...

The point I'm trying to make is that we might differ in skin colour, nationality, hair colour, left or right handed (I've mentioned the last two because they were classed as sins long ago and believed to be the work of the devil by the church), sexuality but we are all the same. Things that were believed to be sinful, are now NOT sinful. So why should someone who is homosexual be classed as sinful? Do you see what I'm trying to say? People say that being gay isnt really the sin but sleeping with someone of the same sex is..

"gay and having a homosexual relationship is a symbiosis. to say gay isnt a sin but homosexual relationship is, is the same as saying murder isnt a sin but killing someone is"

I dont think people should go by what a little book says. A book, may I add, that has been proven to contain lies throughout the years. Not believing in such a book, I dont know first hand about these lies but I shall add a comment about it tomorrow. People are 'born' gay. Who's to say that it's not something in their genes? Who's to say that these genes dont have something to do with Adam and Eve and the orginal sin? To be honest, not one of us can say what's the truth in the bible. We werent around at the time of God and Christ. People go by the words of others. Second hand stories. Half truths.

I'm all for people believing in what they will. It's our right to do so but my opinion is that people put faith in half truths and lies. Believing the words that someone could have made up. Maybe if the church would stand up and say that they DID find a gospel and yes it does seem that's it's Christ's own words, the bible would change. The bible would become some truth. The bible would be believable to others but it'll never happen. So we have to stick with the thought of being homosexual means you're comitting sin. Everyone should stop masturbating too. That's sinful, no?

LuNaMooN said...

If we were to delve into EVERYTHING the Catholic Church, in particular, says is sinful, we could be here for all eternity. I've had many an argument with nuns/priests/devout Christians, even Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons, about what the Bible says. None of them can answer my questions. They ALL say it's God's will. If we're good Christians, we have to believe in what God says, no questions asked. Well, sorry, but I question just about everything if I'm not happy with it. That's human.

DaNi3L said...

I'm back from my christmas vacation for a bit only, that was for the people that didn't know why i havn't replied to this

nenni said...
The point I'm trying to make is that we might differ in skin colour, nationality, hair colour, left or right handed (I've mentioned the last two because they were classed as sins long ago and believed to be the work of the devil by the church), sexuality but we are all the same. Things that were believed to be sinful, are now NOT sinful. So why should someone who is homosexual be classed as sinful?

So your telling me that Homosexual's should be Accepted why don't we go as far as saying Insest is acceptable or hell Child Pornography next thing we know it everything in life will not be a sin?

how are we to live like that

nenni said...

So then why should we all be allowed to drink and smoke, have sex out of marriage, steal from people, watch porn, masturbate...the list goes on and on. Certain things are a sin..abuse, insest, child molestation...these all hurt people. A question..Who are homosexuals hurting? It's not a criminal offence. It hurts no one at all. so why cant people live with the fact that couples have same sex relations?

DaNi3L said...

it hurts the population reproduction

lets all go gay, how the hell we going to reproduce that way

nenni said...

I refuse to carry this on. Not because you're in any way right because I believe that you're not right. Not one little bit. I'm stopping because you're really started to annoy me about it all and I dont want to be annoyed at you. So, I'm being a better person and stopping this now!

DaNi3L said...

not to be rude and all but as I can tell i'm stating to much facts or whatever that you can't deny or prove wrong no matter if you believe i'm right or wrong and really this thing can go on and on anyways cause everyone has there own opinion and no matter how it may look i'm not here to force you to believe what I believe lol even tho if this did continue it would look more of just that lol so it has to end somewhere I don't mind it ending lol anyways i'm done