Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Are we hotornot?!

I would like to ask everyone who visits here to do me a huge favour. This blog is registered on blog hotornot and 10 people so far have voted our blog. I'd like to ask if all who visit here can click the blog hotornot button and take just 2 seconds to vote for us.

You can find the button on the left hand side (I did try adding it to this post but for some reason, I couldnt get it working)

It doesnt take long at all. Really, it's just 2 seconds. The link opens a small window at the top of the blog and you vote on there.

I'm begging all to vote for us. I know the blog design isnt fancy. I'm just learning how to do all this, so I would be ever so greatful if all visitors could help us out. Thanks


DaNi3L said...

I voted 1 :P jk

nenni said...

Thank you, Daniel!

Get other people to vote while you're at it!