Sunday, November 20, 2005

Not happy part 2

Now that I've bitched about the counter, I can bitch about what happened yesterday.

I went out to my mum's on thursday and came back into town yesterday to feed my baby (my cat) I tried to unlock my door but the key wouldnt fit into the lock. So I knocked on my next door neighbours door and asked if someone had been around and maybe changed my lock. We both took a look and thought maybe someone had glued my lock. So I called the council to come and help me get in. After an HOUR and 30 MINUTES, someone came round to help me. I've now got a new lock, 3 new keys, police coming around because my lock DID have glue in it and a pretty good idea who did this.
The woman downstairs hates me with a passion!! We've already gone toe to toe over my cat knocking a box over at 4:30am. She's already tried to force her way into my apartment and tried to beat me up. That all ended up with her putting glue in my lock a few months ago. NOW, she doesnt like that I raise the volume of my TV when she's blasting her music in the early hours of the morning and I THINK that something is up with the overflow in my apartment (got the guys coming tomorrow) and it's effected her in some way. If that's the case, then I know it's her that's glued my lock again. She's an other words...she's a hooker and thinks shes better than everyone else. I've put in for a move away from here and when I do get the move, I'm getting her back big style! Stupid motherfucker aint getting away with it!!


LuNaMooN said...

if she brings her male customers back to her flat, ring the cops. tell them that an extraordinary amount of men come to her place, say you have suspicions she's dealing drugs, they might not care if she's hooking, but they will care if its drugs ;)

nenni said...

That's a good idea!! :p Im going to start complaining about the noise she makes and about the guy upstairs! fuck them both

Anonymous said...

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