Tuesday, November 22, 2005

R.I.P. Eddie 1967-2005

Eduardo Gori Guerrero Llanes

I don't know about other people's opinion on Wrestling some don't like it say it's all fake but that's there opinions Myself I know it's not completly fake it's entertaining to say the least one man I grew up and Looked up to in this business is this man Eduardo Gorie Guerrero Llanes or better Known as
Eddie Guerrero "Latino Heat"

On November 13, 2005 A sad Day In Wrestling that will never be forgotten Eddie Guerrero was found Dead in his hotel room,
The Autotopsy Report has reported on Monday November 14, 2005 That Eddie Guerrero Passed away due to Heart Failure he also had a bit of a heart disease that came from all his drinking and drug abuse before. So This right here proves to anyone that wants to do drugs to get a little high or whatever no matter how much pleasure you get from it, you will pay the price at the end just remember that before you pop a pill or whatever drug you may be doing, it only shortens your life.

His Career has Surpassed so many Trials and Tribulations a normal man would just give up, he's gone thru Drug abuse and Drinking to much, as of November 15th this year he would have reached his 4th year of being sober from both drugs and Drinking He's acomplished alot in his wrestling career He's held Tag Team Gold Three times, Once with his own Nephew Chavo Guerrero, and Once with Tajiri, and One with one of his good buddies Rey Mysterio Jr. and on Febuary 15, 2004 He reached his all time Wrestling goal as The WWE Heavyweight Champion by Defeating Brock Lesner at No Way Out, and To make things much better He's now Wrestling Main events For the big man upstairs yes He has become a Born again Christian Thank the lord that his heart was reached before his time on this earth was over.

My heart and Prayers Go out to his Family, His Wife, and Three daughters I know to well how it is to lose a loved one so close like a father is to his daughter or son and I can tell you The First year without him will be there hardest to go thru, the first christmas without him, the first birthday without him and so on, I pray they can get thru this tough time, I feel for Eddie Guerrero as I feel for my own Family :( it was real painfull to hear that he died, When I was told this I was thinking this better be One Sick joke I didn't want to believe he died even after I saw it on wwe.com I still couldn't believe it, even tho the proof was right in my face I didn't want to believe it.

I'm sorry I can't say much more so i'm ending this right here and right now

EDDIE I Know your reading this from above Thank you for all you gave us, Latino Heat shall burn on in all our hearts We love you we will never forget you


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Ok, let me try this again.
That was very heartfelt. His death was very shocking. I know he will be missed by the whole Wrestling Community.