Sunday, November 27, 2005


My mother and I have two horses. While out visiting her, I usually go horse riding. There's Tamarin (35) and Brogan (12). My mother gave me the heartbreaking news that Tamarin has to be put to sleep tomorrow. So I said my goodbyes before coming home.

My mum bought Tamarin 2 years after I was born. She use to be a gypsy horse and was really really thin. Vets didnt think she would make it past that winter but my mum built up her strength and ended up winning a lot of ribbons and trophies in dressage. She's heartbroken more than me. I've worked with Brogan more but she's been around for 25 years of my life. I was more upset for my mum. She broke down quite a lot today. End of a era!

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Michele said...

I'm sorry to hear about the Horse having to be put to sleep. :(