Sunday, November 06, 2005

No music

I've been ranting most of the night in chat. Now I'll rant here!

On Thursday afternoon, after I had managed to drag my lazy ass out of bed, I got dressed and started to head out to my grans. When I went to unlock my car, I noticed the lock was bust and then I spotted that my car stereo was gone! I called the police and she talked me through telling her what was missing. Aside from the stereo, there were cd's missing. 3 in total. They left the cd's that didnt have cases. I'm bloody stupid for leaving them in the car and for not taking the stereo face out the night before. I normally do that but I was lazy on wed!

I've tried to contact my insurance company but they claim their 'database' is down. Has been since thursday. So I cant go ahead and fix my lock until I've spoken to them. I've had to borrow my mum's car so that I could come home today. I've been living with her for a few days. She lives in the country, so it doesnt really matter that my car wont lock. She's not happy about me taking her car and she'll flip if I cant get things sorted out soon. I just hope that I dont have to wait long. All the shit things that are going on just never seem to end!

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