Monday, November 28, 2005

Australian man to be executed in Singapore

Australian man, Nguyen Van Tuong, is to be executed for drug trafficking in Singapore on Friday. Story here:

Basically, the man smuggled around 4 grams of heroin into Singapore. He admitted to smuggling the drugs, because he was trying to help his brother out of financial difficulties. Therefore, being caught, and due to the strict Singaporean drug smuggling laws, is now facing execution.

The Australian government has pleaded with the Singaporean government for clemency. The Singaporeans are not budging. It is their laws, and anyone knows that if you go into Indonesia with drugs, and you get caught, you're in deep shit. Look up the Schapelle Corby story for more. Our Prime Minister, John Howard, has spoken to the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, on 4 occasions, during the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting (CHOGM) over the past few days, with no result. There's even an online petition being sent to the Prime Minister of Singapore, which can be found here if you're interested.

My opinion? HANG THE BASTARD. Anyone who trafficks in that shit should be shot. I don't care if it's here or overseas. They said he had enough heroin for 26,000 shots. That's 26,000 less fucked up junkies in the world. You may not agree with me, but I have NO compassion for fucked up junkies. Just as I have NO compassion for people that smuggle it into Indonesian countries. They know the risks. They know they'll get execution if they're found with it. All these goddam greenies in this country saying he should be given clemency. What for? He did the wrong thing. Who asks for clemency when murderers in America get executed? And as far as I'm concerned, this guy is tantamount to a murderer. I'd be exactly the same if it was a member of my family. The hippies here are asking for 1 minute silence on the morning of his hanging. Sure, do that, and tarnish the memory of the thousands of men and women that gave up their lives for our freedom, because that's the ONLY time there should be minutes silence. Not for some goddam drug smuggler. That's my opinion. Feel free to express your own.


nenni said...

You do the crime, you do the time...or something along those lines.

If someone mugs another person, they're punished. If someone does a hit and run, they're punished. Same with murder and so on and so forth. It might well have been to help someone but that should matter. He smuggled illegal drugs into a country with harsh laws..he should pay the price and a minute silence? WTF??? Hippies are probably stoned off their faces

Michele said...

I agree with both of you.

What I don't understand is why Australia would ask for clemency for him. HE IS A DRUG SMUGGLER.
Once he was free, he would just go and do the same thing again. Drugs kill some many people and destroy so many families. The man deserves to his punishment.

LuNaMooN said...

It's because he's an Australian citizen, and we don't have capital punishment here. But basically, so what? It's Indonesian law. Our rules don't apply.

DaNi3L said...

it don't matter if he's austailian american russian indoneasan he still was dealing in drugs wich is bad :| I don't agree with exacution tho but still being punished

nenni said...

We don't have capital punishment here either but if a british citizen happened to be a druf smuggler (as there have been in past years) then I would expect them to be punished for it.

I don't agree with people being executed BUT if they commit a crime in a foreign country, then they have to be tried in a foreign court, and with that comes the punishment. Be it jail time or execution.

I do believe (in a way) that life for a life should be in force but in the same breathe..who's to say that someone you are executing is actually guilty of the charge. There have been times when someone has be wrongly accused of murder. It's a hard subject to talk about, at times.

DaNi3L said...

life for a Life I do agree but not the same way

if Someone takes a life there life is taken away and no not by execution, They would be imprisoned for life with no chance for paroll

LuNaMooN said...

but why should the taxpayers pay for them for the rest of their natural lives? I've heard it costs around $200,000 (Aust dollars) to house one prisoner for a year. Yeah ok, some may say, that's a life we're talking about. You can't just throw away a life for the sake of 200 grand. Bullshit I say. Prisoners have more rights than we do. I know, because my cousin has been in and out of prison for most of his adult life (he's in for life now). He's told me what a holiday camp it is. I dont even have a Playstation. They have access to games, cable TV, whatever meals they want. Give the bastards bread and water. They'd be lucky to have a black and white TV if it was up to me. Screw it. If they can't live in today's society without breaking the law, then so be it.

nenni said...

okay, this post really pisses me off. First, the facts. I don't know if Luna transcribed wrong or what, but 4 grams of heroin is only about 100-200 "shots", and it's a pile of powder about the size of a small anthill. Most people don't even inject heroin--it's active through smoking it, snorting it, and eating it, these methods requiring much more material to get the same high, cutting down on the actual number of doses this guy transported. This heroin would have a street value of approximately $1000 in the US.

Now you all make out drug dealers to be horrible people morally equivalent to murderers. Alcohol is more addictive and more damaging to the human body than any other illicit drug COMBINED--yet it is sold legally and backed by church and state as a valid intoxicant. Does this mean your church and your government is full of murderers? Of course not. Responsible use is assumed. There are programs to treat those who do get addicted. Public alcohol intoxication is a minor offence, yielding a fine at most--usually only a warning.

But catch a man with marijuana, cocaine, or god forbid, heroin, and he's a bloodthirsty fiend, a depraved addict, a homewrecker. Doesn't some responsibility lie with the user for not being a responsible user? If a man is shot to death, is the person who sold the gun tried as a murderer? Of course not, that's silly. Drugs, like firearms, are a tool. Misuse of such tools is not the responsibility of those who provide them, but those who misuse them.

Now, suppose you were in this man's shoes. Your brother is in serious financial problems and may be in danger. You have no money of your own, but you do happen to have a baggie containing $1000 worth of golden brown. Would you let your brother suffer when you have the chance to help him back onto his feet? How is this man guilty of anything but compassion?


Clublint said...

On the other hand, what sort of man allows his brother to smuggle heroin into a country KNOWN for how it treats drug traffickers when caught rather than find other ways and means to get cash.

If the guy hung for drug trafficking was so gung ho on thinking that doing something illegal was the ONLY way to get his brother out of trouble, then he would have been better off knocking over a bank in Australia and going to a nice comfy prison cell for it.

What this man did was stupid because every Australian knows what happens if you get caught with drugs over in Singapore.

This man was not guilty of compassion, he was guilty of stupidity and drug trafficking.

As it is, his little stunt got him hanging off the end of a rope and his brother is more than likely still in financial dire straits.

Shit happens. He was a sucker.