Monday, November 21, 2005

Horror movies V4

Carrying on from horror movies V1 V2 and V3, here are some updates and new news about upcoming horror movies. (all news and pics taken from

White Noise 2: The story has been approved. No news on when it'll start filming. It is said that it will have no connection to the first White Noise movie. It centers around a father who's family have all been murdered. He himself has been brought back from the brink death and he soon discovers that he has the ability to indentify who are about to die. It's also said to have a similarty to Final Destination, minus Death killing people.

Silent Hill: There's an interview, which up until now, could only be read by people able to read french. Here is the translated version of the interview. It tells how to movie is based upon the first Silent Hill game but incorporates elements from the 2nd and 3rd games. There is not going to be a lot of gore in this movie but it's expected to have an R-rating.

I don't want to babble on too much with other movies. I will say that there were talks of a Halloween 9 but things are on hold because of the tragic death of the producer Moustapha Akkad. He died of wounds sustained in the bombing of a Jordan hotel and there is a poster for the new Creepshow 3 movie. It can be viewed here. I'll update more when there is more news.


DaNi3L said...

wtf a new halloween let this thing die already :| and lmfao@white noise 2 hopefully this will be better then the last lol

and Creepshow 3 Man i got to check this one out

nenni said...

I cant wait for Creepshow 3. So looking forward to it!!

The White Noise 2..iunno if it'll be all that great and maybe a new Halloween will surprise us