Thursday, November 17, 2005

snow, snow, quick quick, snow

I've not done, nor seen much, to post about this last week. I've been playing spider solitaire all the time and I'll be playing it after posting this! I can't help it..

One thing that's happened, and you can tell by the topic, is that it started snowing here yesterday. It didnt lie. It was too wet for that to happen and tonight on my way home, it started snowing again. WINTER IS HERE FO' SHO' NOW!, and I'm not happy about it. It's too cold, the windscreen of the car needs scraping and now I'm having to wrap up warm. It's bloody freezing. I expect that it'll be worse when I head out to my mum's tomorrow. With her living inland from me, she gets the cold weather worse than the city..on the plus side of that, she gets better warm weather. So, I'm hoping I dont get snowed in for sunday (when I'm coming home)

I got new glasses the other day and they're hurting the bridge of my nose. I'll have to head over to the optician tomorrow and see if they can fix that. It's really annoying me now. ...I cant think of anything else to blog about, at the moment. I will probably have stuff to blog about when I get home. Take Care!!

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