Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Writers block

6 times now I've deleted a post because I cant get the words typed out right. Reading it back, Ive hated every word. For days I've been thinking of something to post on the blog and for the life of me...I cant think of jack shit!

I dont want to go down my usual route of bitching about my gran or my neighbours. I'd actually like to make a post that's worth while to the people reading. Something so interesting that people will leave comments about it and not just wait for the blog explosion count down to finish to get away from the unsightly posts I've posted in the past. Do muses come cheap?.....10 minutes have gone by and all I've done is stare at what I've just typed out...trying to think of what next to say


No. That didnt help either...another 10 minutes has gone by. The only slightly none interesting thing I can type about it...listening to Rob play the guitar by means of the .wav files he's sending me. I'm looking at a very useless post and watching a very useless live stream of Celebrity Big Brother (UK)...what have my nights come to? Bugger it. I'm going to watch the rest of the Ugly Betty episodes. What a life, eh?

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