Monday, January 08, 2007

Book Review

Most people outside the UK most likely wont know who Peter Kay is..well I'm here to tell you all about the comedian from Bolton, UK. He has written an autobiography of his life and people will be surprised to learn that its not your usual "..and this horrid thing happened in my life" or "I came to the end of the road and had to be picked up by...." Not that usual stuff (although I'm not saying those types of autobiographies are not worth reading. I've read a few in my time and enjoyed them as much as Peter Kay's book, and I own a few)

Peter Kay centers more on the funny sides of his life. There are a few death stories mentioned but all are talked about in the happier times of that persons life or by talking about the Right Said Fred tune his dog died to. This autobiography kept me in laughs all the way through. He talks about all the jobs he was fired from, the reasons, the funny sides to all his jobs and how a lie on an application form for University finally helped him become the comedian he is today. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Even people outside the UK. I'm sure anyone will laugh at his life story. I give this a rating of 9/10. I'll be re-reading this again once I've read through the 7 James Patterson books I got for christmas !!

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