Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I just don't understand people. They ask you a question, you give them the truth, as to the best of your knowledge, and they still don't believe you. What's the point in asking if they're just going to think you're lying anyway? Then they ignore you like you're shit in the street. Sometimes I wonder why I'm nice to these people. Maybe if I did start lying, they'd believe the lies. Because they certainly don't believe the truth.


DaNi3L said...

luna luna luna, since when do you tell the truth :P jk lol

anyways people ask people, but that don't mean they will believe it,

some just want to know what that person would say

some want to know that and they do take it under advisment and do listen but don't take action due to many facts

they don't want to just yet, if they do before that person or thing can happen then it would ruin the reason why they went to the person to ask them in the first place

LuNaMooN said...

i ALWAYS tell the truth, fat boy!!!

Anyway, it was just a little rant. I'm pretty much over it now.