Sunday, February 26, 2006

DaNi3L's Raps

For those that havn't been to My personal Blog I made before I left it for here lol due to the fact i don't work on my blog very much never was to good anyways I'm tranfering one important blog I made there it deals with a Rap I personally created myself.

Remember This may not be much but I just had some time on me at the creation and put some stuff into it hope you like.

It's Called

Mind Games

I'll be your host for today
I'm gonna go thru my life if I may,
I was born at the end of the day unknown of the Sacrifices Jesus had made,
By the grace of God I'm still alive,
Thru him I find the strength to survive,
as Kayne West says Jesus Walks with me,
he died on the cross for me I believe,
I can't say you would like to be me
but at least I know my soul be free,

What do you do when your in battle with yourself?
What do you do when there is no help?
when your mind is split
between good and evil, and can't be fixed.

Now bare with me, Don't run from me,
cause what I'm about to say is apart of me,
My mind raging out of control,
don't know how long I can stay sane, without council,
At times you may hear me scream loud as I can
I can say it, really there's nothing to fear,
they say in god we trust, but it's the flesh we lust
for the sin, the sex, the violence, The mess
My mind runs thru these sins I must confess,
I know my soul has been compromised
that's why I know I must confide
in the lord we trust, the one that died for us.

It's the minds that control us
It's the minds that can fool us
the mind that makes us who we are,
if you lose your mind you wont' get far
Oh Lord I believe it to be True
The Lord loves all of you

Thanks that's all of it I know it ain't much as previously stated

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