Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I need help for my blog!!

I seriously hope someone reading this can help me in any way!

I've spent hours surfing sites to try and find a good free template to use on here. The select few I've liked have flaws in them (weird swirly things) and I'm not even going to attempt making my own. That would be such a bad idea! If anyone can suggest a good site, I would be ever so greatful and everyone who suggests somewhere will get a perm link back to their website on this blog.

Please help a very desperate blogger =(


Brad said...

I found good templates here:

*Ice Queen* - Beauty Reporter said...

Or you could try: (but hmmm I am not sure how to do it, you could go into their forums and look)

Aurelius said...

There's a link on my blog (too lazy to cut and paste it) of where I got mine. And she has a few that are cool.