Sunday, February 19, 2006

80's and 90's

I was sitting thinking about old movies from the 80's and early 90's that I own or would like to own. So the idea popped into my head to blog about it, so others can maybe suggest old movies that people would like. Here are some of the ones I own and others that I'm searching for on dvd...


Short Circuit 1986
Tremors 1990
The Goonies 1985
Adventures in Babysitting 1987
Beaches 1988
Beetlejuice 1988
Biggles 1986
Creepshow 1982
Creepshow 2 1987
Girls Just Want to Have Fun 1985
Labyrinth 1986
The Princess Bride 1987


Maid to Order 1987
Flight of the Navigator 1986
Howard the Duck 1986
Toy Soldiers 1991
The Boy Who Could Fly 1986
Little Monsters 1989

There's a site That Daniel, Luna and myself use to list all the dvd's we own. The site is ace. Should take a look and maybe start up your own account. nenni's dvd list , Luna's dvd list , Daniel's dvd list


DaNi3L said...

I remember howard the Duck that movie was great so was Little monstes and Toy soldiers

You liked Tremors? that was good

try checking out Tremmors 2, Tremmors 3 is really only for the ones that love tremmors and Tremmors 4 really gets crazy :\

man I want Creepshow 1&2 havn't seen them in ages and If I had them right now I would watch them both, Labryinth was an ok movie not to fond of that one but I can say I did watch it without falling asleep lol

Princess Bride :D that one is a must have movie, you have it already so everyone else should get it



nenni said...


I love Tremors. Wasnt too keen on the others though. There are a ton of other old movies I would love but I dont remember the names..

OH! The Explorers and The Monster Squad. I forgot about them two!!

The Princess Bride pwns all older movies! =)

"Are there rocks ahead?" "If there are, we'll all be dead!" "No more rhymes now, I mean it!" "Does anyone want a peanut?" "ARGH"

DaNi3L said...

Do you got Goonies?

nenni said...

Yes. I do :D It's second best to Princess Bride though


DaNi3L said...

you should check out my avatar on stashup :P