Friday, February 10, 2006

Weekend visit

It's been over 2 weeks since my gran was admitted to hospital after having a mini stroke and after the doctors getting her hopes up by saying they would send her home and then changing their minds, they are letting us take her home for the weekend. Picking her up at 4pm Sat and having her back in the hospital by 6pm Sun.

She's really looking forward to it and it's helped her mood change from being so down that she would cry all the time, to her having a smile back on her face and the odd joke cracking. My mum and I have to stay overnight with her on the sat and her (annoying) brother will be visiting her. The brother is one of those really annoying people, who interupt when you try to talk, tell you the same shit over and general..just wont shut the fuck up. He's 84. I guess I have to let him off with it? I have to put up with him till tuesday. He'll drive me insane!

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