Monday, February 06, 2006

WTF is going on?!

I can understand the fact that blogger goes down at times. I've learned to live with that but what I cant stand is blog posts and comments going missing!

I posted about 3 comments being missing from the grey hair topic and now the post about those missing things....HAS GONE MISSING! Pissed off is what I am! STOP STEALING OUR BLOG POSTS!!


DaNi3L said...

they are being stolen to hide the fact that there are post being stolen they don't want you to let us be known to that fact, this post will be stolen as well take screenshots :P

it's like the FBI the secret service that hide area 51 but for blogs :P

nenni said...

LOL I've already taken a screenshot to prove I aint seeing things and I've also kept the emails I was sent about the comments. I'll sue!