Friday, February 24, 2006

a continue of an earlier post

While shopping lastnight with my mum, I came across a dvd that I was told to watch called Rose Red (Stephan King). Luna had made a post about this earlier on the blog, which can be read here. She gives a very detailed description of what the mini series was about and I've decided to post with my views on it.

When I picked the dvd up, I noticed that the rating for it was a 12. So I thought "maybe it isnt going to be as good as Luna, Michele and others have said it is". I was wrong to think that! I couldnt sleep lastnight and at 1am I put the dvd on. Now I have to admit..I didnt realise that Luna had said it was over 5 hours long and I thought the whole thing would be on the first disc. I finally finished watching it after 6am this morning. I couldn't go to bed. I knew I was tired but I couldn't move myself away from watching it!

This is something that everyone should see at some point. Some special effects (like Luna said) are very basic BUT I can honestly say..I jumped a few times and that doesnt normally happen when I'm watching something. I thought the rating that it has in the UK is quite low. There's a point where a guys fingers are cut off and I was like "JAYSIS! Kids shouldnt be watching this" but kids these days watch anything and everything. So my opinion on that doesnt matter. If you're looking for something that makes you not want to move till it's all finished, then watch Rose Red. It should be added to the list of good screenwork Stephan King has done throughout his time. I was pleasently surprised by it. So either hurry out to your nearest dvd store or for the people in the UK...head to ASDA, where I bought the dvd for £6.97 (pretty good for a two disc dvd). You wont be disappointed!

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