Wednesday, March 01, 2006

7 days and counting

I don't have Sky TV and because of this, I can't watch season 5 of 24 without a little help. I've been getting the help from someone in chat (Reggie). Even though he hates 24, he takes an hour out of his sunday evening (2 hours the past 2 weekends) and records 24 on disc for me. I can't thank him enough!

24 is aired here on a sunday night but I don't get the disc till the tuesday. Which I don't mind at all. Means I can watch CSI and then CSI Miami, then I can watch 24! Makes for a great tuesday night. The reason of this post? You're about to find out...IT'S KILLING ME THAT I HAVE TO WAIT A WEEK TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS! It's the same for everyone else but why is it that every episode has to end at a good bit?! It's gutting. It was the same with Lost (I have 3 months left before series 2 is on my TV) It's taking everything in me NOT to read a spoiler site for 24 (like I did for Lost) The only reason why I'm typing this is because I'm trying to stop myself for opening the site I found. GODDAMNIT! Someone fast forward time for me. It needs to be next tuesday already!!


Sara said...

Sorry about the sucks. Just an FYI, you should check out Torrents. You can download many, MANY television shows onto your computer usually immediately after they have aired. Ta-da! No waiting! (I actually did this for the entire 2nd season of Lost in order to catch up!)

LuNaMooN said...

ugh! I know how you feel! I watched Lost last night, and next week's episode looks brilliant, and I have to wait a week to see it! I HATE WAITING!!!!!

Shaney said...

You think 24 is awesome right now ? Wait until you see the 9th and 10th episode. It goes to a whole new level of awesomeness !

nenni said...

oooooo Now I cant wait!!!!!!

You've downloaded them?