Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ok guys!

It didnt take me two days like I first thought.

I need you both to go here and let me know what you like and dont like. Also if you want any links added on the right, or if you have anything you want added to the blog roll. Cheers, my dears.

Few things..We'll need to keep a few things small. Like if you want to post a pic, pick the small option. On clicking the comments link, you'll notice it doesnt open in a little window (like it does on here)..Dont worry. When you click to post a comment, it'll open that little window. When you click the blogger icon, it opens in a new window. If you want me to change that, I'll try. Most links will open in a new window now. If not, let me know which ones and I'll get to editing them. um...You'll notice the blog banner, rock banner and the clocks are all mising. I dunno if I can add them yet. I'll have to sit and fiddle about. If we don't like the template and stuff, I'll search for an new one. I want your honest opinions on it. Tell me on gtalk or here (if I'm not online)

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