Thursday, March 02, 2006

Day 1

I've just had my last cigarette. I've decided to give up smoking. I can't justify spending $65 a week on cigarettes anymore. Not just that, but I've noticed I'm coughing a little bit when I wake up in the morning. I remember my mum doing the same thing when she used to smoke.

I know it's gonna be hard, I'm already dreading the cravings. But I think with me, its not the nicotine I crave, its the action of having a cigarette. I light up when I'm on the computer, I have one after meals. But half the time I don't even realise I've had the smoke. It'll burn away in the ashtray most of the time. So yeah basically its the action. If I can break that (somehow) I think I'll be OK.

People have suggested I use gum, patches, lozenges to quit. I don't see the point in it. I can't see how a piece of gum or a lozenge will help my hands from reaching for a cig. And isn't that just going from one addiction to another? I'll just try my best going cold turkey and see how I go. I may not succeed, but I sure will give it a good try.


nenni said...

Lots of people say it's best to cut down the cigs first. If you can manage to cut them down every week, you'll get use to not hacing so much. I dunno if you would want to try that.

eMMa said...

I went cold turkey. Was hard work, but worth it in the long run. Still get the cravings every now and then, even though I quit like 8 years ago.

Good luck!! I'm here if you need to release your frustrations in sexual kinky ways ;)

LuNaMooN said...

Well, I succumbed (sp?) already. Not to worry tho, I'm trying to do what Jen actually suggested..trying to only have one ever now and then. I've just woken up and I havent had the urge to have one yet. Which is pretty good I reckon! Still, when I finish this lot, I'm gonna try not to buy any more. Stress is a massive factor in trying to give up. I had an argument with someone yesterday afternoon and that's what triggered me lighting up. Like they say, if you fall off the horse, its best to get straight back on it (or some bullshit like that lol)

Star said...

I gave up on the 3rd of January, had one hiccup and i stil aint had one, it can be done, just dont give up on the giving up

nenni said...


LuNaMooN said...


Well, I'm still puffin away. I've cut down tho...but the last few days I've noticed I've started to smoke a few more than I have been, so I'm gonna try the cold turkey thing again.